Around the World: 8 Tips to enjoy your Vacation

It’s everyone’s dream to travel around the world and experience a lot of cultures first hand. From the warm acceptance from the locals, to the exotic food readily available, people who travel around the world get to experience the time of their lives.

However, people who go on vacations don’t always end up living their dreams. Instead, they’re faced with a mountain of bills, uncomfortable and awkward situations, and in worse case scenarios, some even suffer injuries.

To avoid such inconveniences, a traveller should always prepare for the worst. Once you’re fully prepared for your trip, you’ll enjoy your time there without a hitch. Just be careful enough and be mindful of your surroundings. Here are some more tips for you to enjoy your vacation.

Making a list

First and foremost, you should always prepare your activities on your to-do-list. Include your activities, anything that may take time. A list may not be a hundred percent foolproof, at least you have something to lean on. Contrary to belief that the best vacations aren’t planned, having a list ensures that you spend your time efficiently.

Safety in Numbers

Travelling solo is a good idea, but travelling with a buddy is much better. When going to an unfamiliar place, going with a buddy or two is a good idea. Although there isn’t a place in the world without thieves, at least your group will make a thief think twice about approaching you.

Travelling in numbers can also be a good way to move around. Think of the memories you’ll form, the bonds your strengthening, and the friendships you’re celebrating.

Bags and Mobility

Since we’re talking about safety and security, it’s best that you bring a bag that’s got a lot of locks and is safe to bring. Make sure that your bag has zippers that are fully functional and aren’t easily broken by pulling up and down. It’s also a good idea to bring a small belt bag or sling bag where you can keep your valuables in one safe place.

Make sure that your sling bags have strong slings so that they’re not that easy to grab away from you. If you want to have an assortment of bags to choose from, you can visit sites such as Deal Wiki.

Waking up Early

To enjoy the sights and sounds of the place you’re visiting, you have to wake up early. If there’s a scheduled festival in the morning, chances are, it starts early in the morning. Also there a lot of natural wonders that call the early hours of the day as their “Most Active” time.

An example of this are the animals in the savannas of Africa. Tour guides will require you to wake up early so that you can see nocturnal animals that are too dangerous to see at night.

Loose Change and Currency

It’s a good idea to always have loose change lying around so that you don’t have to burden yourself with huge bills. Another thing to practice when in a new country is to convert at least some part of your cash into their currency. A lot of local shops do not accept any foreign money and you’ll end up at a disadvantage if you do decide to pay in any currency.

Avoid Taxi Cabs

Avoid taxi cabs when you’re loitering around. If you want to save more money, avoid taxi cabs like their the plague. Not only will you get stuck in traffic, you’ll also pay overpriced taxi fees. Walk around and get a feel for the place. You’ll personally be more in touch with the people and culture. Some Taxi’s are now driving with ELD enabled, meaning a logging device will independently verify the amount you are charged, althought it is new technology and not widely spread.

Not only that, you’ll get to save a lot of money. You can spend that money on food, takeaway souvenirs, local clothing, and all the other fine things you can buy in your destination.

Respecting the Locals

A lot of times, there will be customs that will freak out even the most hardened adventurers out there. A good advice is to steer clear from an area which does an activity that you don’t feel like doing. If the locals see you being apprehensive and unappreciative, they might perceive you as rude or disrespectful.

An even better advice to take is that you do research beforehand, of any activities and customs that the locals do during a specific festival or season. By being diligent enough, you show enough respect and appreciation for their customs.

Locals will also find it amazing if they see tourists trying out local delicacies. In the Philippines, a lot of locals love it when a foreigner tries Balut, a developing duck embryo that is boiled and eaten with salt and spicy vinegar.

Leave nothing but Footprints

A lot of times, locals find most tourists annoying because of the way they behave in places that demand respect and silence. There a lot of instances that tourists blatantly disrespect norms because they feel a sense of entitlement.

Places such as nature reserves, temples, and other revered places in a country demand respect from you when you visit them. This fact means that you’re not allowed to take anything away from that place. You may take photos if your guide or local customs allow you.

Don’t be those tourists that wreak havoc in pristine locations just for their amusement. Take note of the saying: “Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time.”


It’s always a good idea for you to travel once in a while. However, it’s what you get out of  your trip that’s the best part. You have to enjoy the sights and sounds.  You have to try out local delicacies. You have to make wonderful memories to bring back home. Follow the tips above and  you’ll know firsthand.


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