Your Own Home Cinema: The Projector

Understanding the projectors applications and use, spanning 3 centuries already, is part of building your own home cinema properly. So let’s get right into it!

You can mount your projector on the ceiling, put it on a table or whatever you think is the smartest. In fact, you can get wireless HDMI so you also don’t have to pull out an HDMI cable to your computer or other device. And in terms of quality, depending on your budget, everything is available: from HD resolution to 4k resolution, and it’s typically generated by high-resolution LCD or LCO chips.

You probably won’t find a decent projector with a built-in TV tuner or web-streaming apps. It will instead be the future of many different formats and technologies that will battle it out, leaving the projector to focus on the important part of displaying the image, but not also processing it.

Canvas Basics

The canvas comes in many sizes and is available as a rolling and fixed frame. One can also completely do without a canvas if the economy is tight. In this case one can use a white blind or even a plain wall, which will give an OK result, but certainly not the best for a home cinema. You will eventually want to invest some money.

A new thing is that you have started using light grey canvas as they do not give so much reting. Try your way and see what you like best.

TV vs projector

Apart from producing stunning images, the projectors often give you more for the money than a flat screen TV…. Especially if you’re counting on the price per inch. You will also not get a reinsertion with a projector on your wall, which you will do to a certain degree with TV.

Having said that, almost everyone also has a TV, as you don’t bother to turn on your projector and possibly roll out his canvas to see only 5 my TV. However, there is nothing to beat the experience when you put your film on, and shoot a huge big picture on your wall.

Do you want a projector?

There are a few things you need to be aware of, before you start spending money on a projector:

How much light is there in your living room – it has to be dim and thus not very light from the windows and other lighting in the room. So get windows in the room or something you can drag for the windows so that no light comes in. In the old days, there should almost be absolutely dark in the room where you watched movies with your projector, but much has changed and now a days, there is no need to be so dark. Simply dimly.

How do you want to use your projector – a typical projector lamp has between 2000-5000 hours of operation… except LED which has approx. 30,000 hours. The projector lamp will eventually become weaker and weaker and finally go out. When this happens you can change the lamp yourself, it is not that difficult. In return, they can cost everything from 1200 kr and up to 2500 KR, depending on which projector you have.

Often, a person who uses only their projector for movies will on average use the 8 hours per week, providing a lifespan of 4-5 years. But if you use your projector for TV and have it lit about 4 hours a day, we’ll talk about your bulb dying in about 1 ½ years.


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