accommodating diversity in the classroom

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Accommodating diversity in the classroom who is kevin hart dating now

Accommodating diversity in the classroom

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The easiest way to bring diversity into the classroom is by recognizing it and encouraging students to celebrate it. In one classroom alone there is a tremendous amount of diversity present. Take the opportunity to allow students to share their diversity with their peers. This allows others to benefit from the experiences that they otherwise never have known or heard of. In the classroom, there will be ample opportunities for students to come together to solve problems.

Another great way to bring diversity into the classroom is to encourage students to come up with different ways to solve the problems that they are faced with. Encouraging different ways to solve problems allows students to come together and collectively contribute a variety of solutions. This practice also teaches students the invaluable lesson that there is often no one correct way to do things. If students are encouraged to contribute different solutions to a problem, not only will participation increase in the whole class, but students will also feel as if their input is valuable.

Wherever it is possible, teachers should try to include teaching material which represents the rich diversity of the world. For instance, include material which represents multiple viewpoints and perspectives. Think critically about material which touches upon things like nationality, race, political views, backgrounds, different languages, abilities, personalities, sexuality, age, current affairs, socio-economic matters, etc.

Including diverse learning material is a sure shot way to bring diversity into the four walls of a classroom. In a short space of time you can expose students to an unimaginable variety of different things. Fostering diversity is incredibly important, and one of the best places to begin doing that is the classroom. There are numerous ways to bring greater variety into the classroom; teachers must take the initiative to take every step to bring diversity into the classroom.

Everyone has different opinions on how more diversity can be brought into the classroom. Make things fun and focus on commonality people are still people - for example, children can bring in pictures of foods from different cultures and discuss how they are eaten.

Or perhaps celebrating cultural holidays and learning about their significance. Offering an abundance of arts into the classroom brings diversity. There is so much beauty in the expression of every child in that seeing, hearing, experiencing, sharing as creators flattens and uplifts the playing field while allowing children to learn and admire one another for their differences and in their human sameness.

I teach history at the community college level. I make sure that the primary sources we read are from a variety of voices, not just the ones the text book has chosen for us. Acknowledging bias in the educational system is important, as are the steps that have been taken in the past 20 years.

Degree Finder. Choose a degree level Select A Degree. Choose a category Select a Category. Choose a subject Select a Subject. Find Now. How to Bring Diversity in The Classroom Broadly speaking, diversity refers to a state in which there are many different forms present. So how exactly do you bring diversity in the classroom?

Read on to learn more. Understanding Diversity Diversity encompasses the many differences present in human beings. Why is diversity in the classroom important? How to Bring Diversity into Classroom Settings Since diversity is something that needs to be fostered in the classroom, here are a few tips that teachers should keep in mind: 1. Understand your students One of the best ways to foster an inclusive environment in the classroom is by understanding each individual student.

Incorporate different teaching styles As mentioned, each student learns in different ways. Celebrate diversity Diversity is something which should be talked about and celebrated. Encourage Differing Perspectives In the classroom, there will be ample opportunities for students to come together to solve problems.

Include diverse learning materials Wherever it is possible, teachers should try to include teaching material which represents the rich diversity of the world. How do you think diversity can be brought into the classroom? Instead, students are required to adapt to the curriculum. As a special education teacher, part of my job was helping students who had a diagnosed learning disability access the general education curriculum, so I frequently found myself co-teaching with a math or English teacher.

When students with learning differences are placed in the general education classroom, they often receive accommodations and services. However, when those accommodations are paired with—and constrained by—a traditional, rigid curriculum, the result can be the opposite of inclusion, in my experience. Teachers in this situation may become frustrated because trying to accommodate each child individually creates a lot of stress and often an unmanageable workload. The majority of students need something different, but how can you design a curriculum that works for all students—and for the teacher?

All of this work was based on the well-known, flexible model called Universal Design for Learning , which can be used in any classroom to make instruction more accessible. Often, there is one way for all students to learn the material, such as a lecture or a slide presentation. Instead, try to plan the lesson with all students in mind.

Survey students to find out what they already know and questions they have about the new topic. Use that information to scaffold instruction and make lessons more relevant to students. You can also vary the methods that you use to deliver the direct instruction portion of your lesson—try showing a demonstration or video clip for one lesson, and have students participate in stations or listen to a podcast for another.

If possible, use more than one modality within a lesson, and think about supports that students may need for learning. If students are moving around the room, have clearly defined procedures and a goal at each learning center.

Provide choices to sustain student engagement: Allow students to choose an activity.

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