updating a kitchen on a budget

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Updating a kitchen on a budget

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Open shelving is a great way to display stacks of the everyday dishes you use along with items like cookbooks, serving platters and fresh herbs. Hint : stack dishes of the same colour and size together on open shelves for a clean look plus high functionality. Adding a backsplash does wonders to amp up the personality of your kitchen.

It feels modern even if you simply add white subway tile with old oak cabinets. For something even more fun, go for patterned ceramic tiles, especially if you have only a small space or one wall that could make a big impact.

You might even consider shiplap or wainscoting panels that as an inexpensive but beautiful backsplash. You could opt for black, sleek polished chrome, or go for a bold mixed metal statement and use brass even if you have stainless steel appliances. Refreshing just your island or peninsula with shiplap on the back, by painting it or by adding corbels can add character and life to your kitchen.

Forget paint and tile. To amp up your current kitchen you could simply add elegant or unexpected decorative touches like a piece of art, a lamp on the counter, an antique mirror or rack, copper pots and pans, or a silver tray to put cooking oils on. Yep, this is the old standby. If you have perfectly good wood cabinets but hate the dated colour, consider painting them instead of purchasing a whole new set. You could go classic white, a soft, light grey or try a two-toned look.

Here are tips on how to paint your kitchen cabinets without the stress. For me, it would be the kitchen. Add pendants over your island or peninsula. Click photos for sources. Open up your walls. Two options can work well: you could remove the upper cabinets altogether and replace them with open floating shelves.

Add a backsplash. Change out your hardware. Update your island or peninsula. Add a touch of elegance and interest. From: Beckwith Interiors. Just reorganize a corner of your kitchen ideally a spot near your sink so that all your coffee-making supplies are together: The machine on the counter, mugs or cups in a cabinet above, and filters, pods or grounds in a drawer underneath. A fresh coat of paint is a relatively easy way to update cabinets that are sound and functional but less than lovely looking.

From: Terracotta Design Build. In a long or awkwardly shaped kitchen, adding a bold focus at one end of the room can help the eye move through the space, de-emphasizing its flaws. This eliminates shadows and offers the best type of task lighting. From: Debbie Talianko. Using color to induce that warmth draws people in, and creates a space where people feel comfortable, and therefore want to linger.

From: Encircle Design and Build. A quick fix for a dark kitchen: introduce some bright white. A pure-white mat around a favorite photo or a few white serving pieces displayed on existing shelves can add just enough relief from the otherwise-moody palette. Target or HomeGoods are great sources for simple white accessories; pay attention to shape, since it will stand out against a dark backdrop. Designers Lauren Levant and Jennifer Gilmer also used modern track lighting to great effect in this space.

From: Lauren Levant. Black and white is a classic combo, but gray and white or blue and white create a similar, but softer effect, as in this kitchen. You can get this of-the-minute look with one can of paint — if your cabinets are already white, just paint the lower ones. From: Carla Aston. A single splashy piece of artwork — a flea-market painting, a poster, a photograph — adds instant character to the kitchen. To add a splash of color to this space, designer Denise Davies of D2 Interieurs hung a vibrant framed print above one end of the counter.

From: D2 Interieurs. New cabinets are the most expensive part of any kitchen update. Minimize your investment or replace unattractive upper units by hanging open shelves. From: Lindye Galloway. Adding natural texture can go a long way. Woven shades are a great stand-alone look or can easily be layered with drapery panels. One of the biggest mistakes can be covering too much of the window. From: Tiffany LeBlanc. A single pendant over the island or peninsula can take a space from okay to OMG.

For the most contemporary look, seek out styles with geometric shapes and patterns and warm metallic finishes like the one shown here. Shop for bargains on overstock. From: Serendipite. Sorting the contents of your pantry or kitchen cabinets into categories — baking supplies, grains, cereals, etc.

This makes it easy to find what you need at a glance, and creates a sense of visual order in the space. Even if you have no sewing skills to speak of, you can still add style at your kitchen window with an eye-catching valance. Or, find fabric you love check out spoonflower. Slide onto the rod and voila: almost-instant elegance. From: Ann Lowengart. Bringing art into the kitchen makes it more of a living space and less of a solely utilitarian space.

There are two keys to a cohesive look: The frames and the composition. Your best bet is to choose frames that match or all fall within the same color family like the variety of simple wood frames shown here.

To arrange a perfect composition as painlessly as possible, roll some brown paper onto the floor, then arrange your frames on top. Tear away the paper, hang the pictures, and admire your gallery. Chrome, nickel and stainless steel finishes will never go out of style, but warm metallics offer a fresh, modern look. For a quick update, consider replacing your lighting, faucet or cabinet hardware with products in gleaming brass or bronze like the ones in this chic space.

No need to replace everything at once — mixed metals are on-trend, too. So just try one at a time. From: Elizabeth Lawson. Do as architect Anjie Cho did in this fun kitchen and living area and use a pre-fab unit to create a bar area. It's also more flexible and can be moved around, and it saved us some money we could focus on elsewhere. From: Anjie Cho. From: Andrea Schumacher. For a bold impact, pick a single accent color and repeat it around the room in window treatments, small appliances, furnishings and accessories.

From: Joni Spear. No matter, freestanding islands perform the same functions, adding counter prep space and storage, but usually require less floor space and cash — as designer Liz Miller found in her own home. Differentiating each room within an open-concept floor plan can be tricky: All too often such spaces feel exposed and disjointed. Designer Kenna Stout not only created the flowing layout in this home, but took care to make the kitchen feel warm and inviting — with the help of a boldly patterned woven rug.

From: Kenna Stout.

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30 Budget Kitchen Updates That Make a Big Impact · Free: Style Your Shelves · Free: Create a Coffee Bar · Under $ Add Color to Cabinets · Under $ Create a. 2. Open up your walls. · 3. Add a backsplash. · 4. Change out your hardware. · 5. Update your island or peninsula. · 6. Add a touch of elegance and. Looking to update your kitchen without spending a lot of money? coat or two of paint or stain allows you to update your cabinets on a budget.