updating oak cabinets

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Updating oak cabinets dating love friendship

Updating oak cabinets

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Incorporate bold furniture or artwork, build a feature wall, or pul the visual focus towards a brightly-tiled fireplace or gallery wall. Then the effect of the oak is less jarring and the overall look of the space is softened. A little balance goes a long way. Looking for a way to simply keep your oak exactly as-is but still get a whole new contemporary vibe? Unfortunately, a honey oak-heavy home will also often have oak-heavy hardwood flooring. And that makes for far too much honey oak than anyone knows what to do with.

Instead, opt for a new and unexpected flooring option. This change can instantly elevate the room and make the oak feel warm and inviting. Tile is a great option for this both stone and graphic versions are our favorites. We love a light ash color or dark, almost black, shade. If your home has a sea of oak, it takes a bit more. The only way to elevate its style in these cases is to break it up visually.

To achieve this look, first choose whichever elements feel the most heavy visually. Then paint those a complimentary shade to take the all-over oak look out of the equation. For instance, updating your oak kitchen cabinets while leaving the floors and trim intact can result in a stunning aesthetic that feels modern and farmhouse chic. Or, blend your large-scale built-ins or oak wainscoting in with the wall color by giving it a coat of paint.

The details of its shape and silhouette will still pop, but it will feel much more muted and allow the oak trim to really shine. I love all these ideas. Your email address will not be published. You are in the right place if you are feeling overwhelmed at the thought of embarking on a remodeling or interior design project. Join me!

Enter your email below to be the first to know about design posts, new products and tips for a more beautiful home. Phone: Email: hello carlabast. About Services Portfolio Menu. Inspiration , Interior Design , Tips. The result was a much more balanced look overall, visually pulling the attention away from the oak and towards the mix of colors throughout the space. Interior Design: Carla Bast Carla Bast Design A 90s-era home filled from top to bottom with honey oak trim and built-ins can be a nightmare.

Refresh Your Wall Color One of the hallmarks of a 90s-style home is the pairing of honey oak with too-earthy and beige-centric paint hues. The Best Colors for Honey Oak Generally speaking, oak tends to fall more into the yellow and orange-tinged categories.

Our Free Paint Guide By making the oak stand out in an intentional way, it feels fresh and contemporary. To give the oak elements new life in this kitchen, a light blue-green paint color was chosen for the walls, letting the warmth of the wood pop. By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Carla Bast Design Paint and flooring can have a profound impact on your 90s-era oak trim and woodwork.

Oak shelving and cabinets are balanced out with a graphic-tiled fireplace that infuses much-needed color into the space. By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Carla Bast Design Large oak bathroom cabinets feel updated with thanks to a grey stain wash and a black chevron floor tile and beautiful white paint. By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Carla Bast Design A coat of sage green paint on these oak cabinets in the laundry room softens the effect of the oak trim and manages to capture the perfect balance of earth tones.

Flooring Options Tile is a great option for this both stone and graphic versions are our favorites. Large stone tiles draw the eye away from the oak trim peppered throughout this kitchen, allowing for a much more contemporary and updated look. By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Carla Bast Design A soft and muted blue-green transforms these kitchen cabinets and makes the oak window trim and floors stand out intentionally.

By Megan Johansson, Contributor to Carla Bast Design Creamy white paint pairs perfectly with the oak trim in this home, and with a collection of comfortable and stylish furniture, the end result is stunning. How to Break It Up To achieve this look, first choose whichever elements feel the most heavy visually. Oak wainscoting gets a complete revamp thanks to a shade of creamy white paint. As a result, the oak elements of the room feel exciting and architecturally unique. And paint and hardware could only go so far.

Oak cabinets, burgundy walls, and brown granite took center stage. Our goal was to brighten everything up and keep a cohesive classic vibe. Doing this, we knew we could completely shift the look and feel of the kitchen. Out went the oak cabinets and the outdated colors. In came warm white cabinets paired with a soft grey center island in an upgraded and refined shape with plenty of storage beneath. The granite countertops blended warm and cool tones, and a warm grey backsplash connected the space.

For finishes, we kept things simple and classic. We used oil-rubbed bronze for the faucet, light fixtures, and cabinet hardware. Paired with this, we opted for sleek stainless-steel appliances with the refrigerator hidden behind cabinet panels for a sleek and bright look.

Overall, the kitchen became a visual beauty. And beyond that, it was also a space with plenty of room to comfortably enjoy day-to-day tasks. The oak cabinets , deep tones, and outdated countertops had to go. But beyond that, what this space needed more than anything was to be opened up. Separate dining spaces were popular in the s. The owners definitely wanted their home to feel more connected.

We made the biggest change by opening up the dividing wall between the kitchen and dining rooms. This connected each area and increased movement throughout the space. We opted for darker stained cabinetry for a sophisticated look. Then we contrasted these with a warm white kitchen island and plenty of extra seating! We chose finishes and hardware in stainless steel and brushed nickel. Furthermore, we used clear pendants above the island to keep things feeling light and airy.

From cramped to classic, the remodel instantly transformed this kitchen. This kitchen was open to the adjoining dining and living room spaces. Yet it was still outdated with its light wood cabinets, dark granite, and sharp angles. The green walls were a bit too warm and muted as well. Overall, the space needed a contemporary upgrade. We kept the general layout the same.

After all, the biggest need in this kitchen was a brighter aesthetic and more contemporary finishes. So, we opted for a modern farmhouse look. We installed a reclaimed wood island, a built-in dining banquette, bright white subway tile for the backsplash, and warm white cabinetry. The result was a bright and airy space that felt both open and fresh.

This kitchen had some nice elements. But the owners wanted to ditch the two-tiered kitchen peninsula. There was ample room to cook, certainly, in the original design. Yet, the space still felt outdated and too dark. And as we know, that was a hallmark trend combination of the s. We kept the general layout of this kitchen the same since it worked overall.

Then we made some significant changes that helped open up the space and add function. We first replaced the peninsula with a more contemporary rounded island. This eliminated the extra tier in the process. As a result, the countertop was much wider and the view was not blocked.

In addition, we completely eliminated the center coffee kitchen island. Instead, we created a coffee nook in the corner, which increased the floor space. And finally, we brightened everything up with white cabinets, stainless steel and brushed nickel finishes, and a classic subway tile backsplash.

With grey walls to contrast it all, it became an instant family favorite. It was fit for everything from cooking to entertaining. For more information about choosing paint colors for your check out our Best Paint Colors for your 90s-Era Home blog post. Ready to tackle that outdated s-style kitchen? Pull a bit of inspiration from these projects. We guarantee your home will feel brand new and exactly as you imagined it to be.

For even more 90s-era home transformation inspiration take a look at my Jordan Project. All of our designs are created to blend seamlessly to the rest of our clients homes. Check out the portfolio for more photos! Your email address will not be published.