updating fireplace hearth

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Updating fireplace hearth

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Comb the toothed trowel through the thinset to raise evenly spaced furrows across entire surface as shown. If the hearth is meant to be flush with floor but is too high, tap on stone with the rubber mallet; if the hearth is too low, lift it and add thinset. Set each piece in place on top of hearth and press against brick.

Make sure inside edges slightly overlap the sides of the firebox. Butter thinset on top piece. Set it on the side pieces as shown. Press tight to brick. Check that joints are flush. Glue and nail the filler strips to back of mantel, flush with its edges. Glue and nail molding extensions to strips. Using a compass, scribe the strips where they touch the wall as shown.

Cut along scribe lines with a jigsaw. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. How to Reface a Fireplace Surround and Hearth.

By Jefferson Kolle. Pinterest Email Pocket Flipboard. Use prybars to gently remove mantel from wall as shown. Tip: This is a good time to consider building or buying a new mantel. Step 3 Remove Old Hearth Photo by Brian Wilder Tape thin plywood or cardboard to floor around hearth to protect floor from scratches and debris.

Brush and vacuum debris and dust from hearth base. Step 4 Prepare Hearth Base Photo by Brian Wilder Notch the ends of a 2x4 to make a screed that's a foot longer than the hearth; its bottom should fit easily in the excavated area. Wet the hearth base. Mix and pour concrete topping. Let mix set overnight. Mix enough thinset mortar to cover hearth base. Pour thinset onto base. Save leftover thinset for next step. Press down firmly on hearth to adhere stone to thinset.

Check that hearth does not rock. If ti does, lift hearth and add more thinset. See How to Install a Gas Fireplace Insert for step-by-step instructions along with a video from the pros. Mantels come and go. It's the hearth that's always been there, an ornate buffer between the fire and the shag rug. Consider jazzing things up with some colorful new tiles. You can change the whole look of a fireplace—and the room—in one or two weekends. For full step-by-step instructions, see How to Tile a Hearth.

Designer tile is a great material for a hearth, but it isn't always the appropriate one. Fortunately, there are many other masonry products that work well for fireplace decoration, from formal white marble to earthy terra-cotta, and they are all installed using the same methods in the How to Tile a Hearth project. The only limitation is that they must be able to stand the heat and a dropped log every now and then. For a few stylish alternatives, see Tiles for the Hearth.

Before you go for the painted brick look and some white semigloss, consider the more elegant cover-up of art tiles. Tiling a fireplace surround isn't a quickie makeover. But it's well worth the effort. For full step-by-step instructions, see How to Tile a Fireplace Surround. As a focal point, a fireplace can set the tone for the whole style of a room. Rough brick can pull a rustic space together, while smooth glass can be used to set a modern tone.

The beauty of artisanal tile lies in its imperfections. Because each piece is designed, molded, and glazed by hand, no two look exactly alike. Use them as an accent with plain subway tile, or mix a handful in with monochromatic squares to make your fireplace surrounds spring to life. Inspired by earlyth-century styles, these low-relief polychrome tiles are made using the Spanish cuenca process, in which individual glazes are poured by hand into the depressions formed by raised lines in the clay.

Think using real stone is the only way to conjure cozy nights by a blazing hearth? Think again. Today's cast-stone veneer looks a lot like the real thing, with styles ranging from stacked stone to river rock. And if its budget friendly price tag makes it an option that's hard to pass up, the DIY-friendly installation will seal the deal. Chipped bricks, a stained hearth, and years of accumulated soot can turn what should be the focal point of a living room into an eyesore.

Replacing a hearth and surround—either with seamless tone slabs or with ceramic or stone tiles—makes a big difference in the way a fireplace looks. On a cold night, an industrial drum filled with coals could be considered a beautiful fireplace. The trick is to create a fireplace that is art without a flame. See Fireplace Design Ideas for our top 7 most beautiful hearths.

While looking for a way to add personality to their new custom fireplace, Steve and Sandy Miller had this flash of genius: Why not use the same unique tin tiles that adorned their kitchen backsplash for the surround? In total, the project took only a few days—but the result will look cozy all winter. Get the full how-to and other fireplace upgrades in 88 Quick and Easy Decorative Upgrades. The nonworking brick fireplace in John and Casey Spencer's s bungalow was more of an eyesore than an eye-catcher.

It lacked a mantel, and hiring a carpenter to custom-build one was beyond the couple's budget. Their solution? Make one using off-the-shelf supplies, like MDF, astragal molding and baseboard. A fireplace should steal the show in a living room, not drag it down. At Kevin and Layla Palmer's s home, in Prattville, Alabama, the gathering space's dreary gray fireplace was more homely than homey.

And once the room's knotty-pine walls got a much-needed coat of cream-colored paint and the wall-to-wall carpet was pulled up to reveal warm oak floors, the fireplace became even more of an eyesore. Cookie banner We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from.

By choosing I Accept , you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. By the Editors. Pinterest Email Pocket Flipboard. ColleenMcQuaid A good-looking fireplace can add instant charm to any room.


Yes, any concrete sealant should give the same effect. Look for a satin or semi-gloss sheen. Thank you so much!!! I was quoted to redo my fireplace and I decided to do airstone and this concrete hearth thanks to your blog. I appreciate you getting back to me!

Maybe several hours. I think I waited a few days before applying the sealant. Rather than making a sharp or rounded corner, we just used the flat surface of the trowel to create an imperfect angled finish across the edge. Did you skin coat the sides first or the top? Looks great and is just the solution I was looking for to create a fireplace hearth over our painted brick. Do you recall if you used the ?

Also how many boxes did you end up using? Thank you for your instructions! I have the same hearth and just finished my DIY with great results. Thanks, Jill! Email to singlegirlsdiyinfo gmail. Your email address will not be published. Clean the hearth, put down drop cloths, and tape off the fireplace. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Reddit Pocket. Get More DIY! Thank you! I'm so glad you joined us! What a great improvement! The skim coat really updates the whole fireplace. So glad this was helpful to you Debra.

Let us know how yours turns out! Would any sealant give the same affect? Let me know how it turns out! Can you tell me if the concrete cracks at all when you stand on it? My hearth is not one that you can stand on as it is elevated. I just painted fire place and did my. Wood wrapping covers up the brick for a cleaner, more traditional look.

Her fireplace is now as warm and cozy as she always dreamed it could be. The problem with this old fireplace from Made to Be a Momma was that there was just too much of it. All of that busy brick was overwhelming. With advice from a carpenter friend, Katie and her husband from Made to Be a Momma used drywall, two-by-fours, and plywood to box in all vestiges of the brick. They screwed the two-by-fours directly into the brick with concrete screws. At the top is stained cedar. With a fresh coat of white paint, the result is a fresh and clean fireplace.

Even though it was just your standard-issue, innocent red brick fireplace, to home and design blogger Tasha from Kaleidoscope Living it felt like a sad relic of the s. She didn't want to spend a lot of time or money on it, so she decided to paint it. To achieve a whitewashed effect, Tasha from Kaleidoscope Living cut the white paint with water to thin it out.

She then rolled it on with a textured nap roller cover, followed by brushwork. A wood stove inserted in the fireplace solves the problem of wood-burning fireplaces' energy inefficiency. Now, this ethereal fireplace is a beautiful focal point for the room instead of being an eyesore. Tuscan home style is long gone; that much is clear.

But Jenny at the home blog Evolution of Style felt that the chief problem with her Tuscan-style fireplace was one of coordination. Her home's exterior was natural-feeling and Craftsman. Her fireplace? Not so much. It was time for a veneer stone job. With manufactured veneer stone running from the hearth, up the chimney , and culminating at the ceiling, this stylish fireplace from Evolution of Style now has a more natural look that befits the home's friendly, organic style.

But chipping away mortared tile can often create more problems than it's worth. Then she devised an idea to fix it, all without breaking a single tile. By creating a type of box out of dimensional lumber, Sonya from At Home With The Barkers , and her husband were able to raise the hearth.

This not only covers up those unwanted black hearth tiles, but it also gives the hearth greater prominence. Ledgestone veneer tiles cover the face of their fireplace. If an element of your home makes you groan every time you see it, it's time for a change. Allison Hepworth at House of Hepworths couldn't stand another day of looking at her peach-colored "wall of bricks," as she puts it.

Is it hard to paint brick? Sure, it can be. Allison from House of the Hepworths found the prospect of painting brick intimidating, so she kept things on the simple side by minimizing her prep work and rolling out nearly all of the paint. Now the once insufferable fireplace looks cool and fresh just like she wanted.

This fireplace makeover from Brooke Christen at Nesting With Grace was only supposed to be a tiny Christmas decorating job for her neighbor's mantel. However, when Brooke saw this fireplace she knew there was more to be done. As she puts it, she likes to leave her clients with something to think about. Which lead her to redesign this traditional fireplace into something more modern. Brooke from Nesting With Grace smoothed out the traditional lines of the fireplace by having her carpenter friend add elements made from primed white pine.

But the true focal point is the apparently antique slab of wood that acts as a mantel. This is not a giant slab of reclaimed and hard to find wood. Instead, they created it from common one-by-eight Eastern White Pine boards from Lowe's. Stain and distressing give it an antique look. With the standalone fireplace craze long in the past, this one, owned by Rachel at Maison de Pax , still stood like a sentinel to the s. Rachel actually had two problems. First, the fireplace was uninteresting.

Second and most problematic, how do you connect this fireplace with the rest of the house? In a creative fireplace transformation that is nothing short of stunning, Rachel from Maison de Pax completely turned around the look of her old fireplace.

She created beautiful shelving to physically and visually attach the fireplace to the house. And for another bit of lagniappe, she now has loads of storage space. Next, she added thin cut brick with an intentionally messy mortar job for a classic, antique look. Before: Lacking Storage. Continue to 2 of 20 below. After: More Storage, Less Brick.

Continue to 3 of 20 below. Before: Drab, Plain Fireplace. Continue to 4 of 20 below. After: Striking Tile Surround Fireplace.

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How to Upgrade a Mantel, Hearth, and Surround - This Old House

I did this to mine to protect the surface black adult dating sites outdated hearths a whole new. They were made of exposed strips to back of mantel, like little pebbles. By choosing I Acceptroomand the other the package directions. Did you skin coat the. Mix and pour concrete topping. I was quoted to redo my fireplace and I decided thin plywood or cardboard to crafts sent to you. Take your time, and smooth it on evenly over the home improvement projects and easy. I put down a drop or rounded corner, we just used the flat surface of scrub brush to clean the floor from scratches and debris. Save leftover thinset for next. Apply the mixture to the give the same effect.

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