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Defining your relationship is an important part of any progressing, adult relationship. It is especially important when you are in a new relationship and feel totally uncertain about where your partnership is heading. Although dating without labels and khun tiffany dating certainly works for a time, and might work well for some couples, many people if not most are better able to understand and work within a relationship that has some framework or structure in place. This is especially true if you are have been involved for a few months of dating and spend more time together. Knowing that you consider one another is often important in making sure you are both satisfied and content in your relationship.

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Is cassie dating diddy

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Billboard Pro Subscribe Sign In. Top Artists. Top Charts. Hot Songs. Billboard Top Videos. Top Articles. By Michael Saponara. Copied to clipboard. Click to copy. Artist Mentioned. Billboard has reached out to Diddy's and Cassie's reps for comment. In a revealing Instagram post where she shared a photo of herself from , she said,. This photo was of me in NY on May 31st, This is a shout out to everyone on their journey! When I look at pictures it brings me back to the exact place and time where I can literally touch the feelings I was feeling, almost experiencing them all over again but with a sense of calm.

Was I happy? Was I eating that day? Did I sleep the night before? What was I stressing at that moment? What front did I have up that day?

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When the police were called to Cassie's home, no crime was charged, but a domestic incident report was filed. The two split once again but reunited shortly after the incident. Search term. Billboard Pro Subscribe Sign In. Top Artists. Top Charts. Hot Songs. Billboard Top Videos. Top Articles. By Emina Lukarcanin. Copied to clipboard. Click to copy. But behind closed doors, this power couple's fairytale romance eventually lost its spark. About halfway through their on-and-off relationship, the A-list pairing publicly made their relationship Instagram official in , per E!

They were soon the talk of the town, between their sweet red carpet appearances and photos of their numerous luxurious vacations to Mexico, Ibiza, and France emerging, both of which showed Diddy and Cassie smiling from ear to ear cue a chorus of "awws". But this longtime romance hit a snag.

It seemed as though "honesty and communication" — which Cassie told Vibe Vixen via Madame Noire were the two key components vital to "maintaining any relationship" — were what the couple lacked the most but more on all of that below. In , Diddy and Cassie called it quits for good, and heartbroken fans were left in shock. So, what really went down between these celeb exes? They once seemed like a match made in Hollywood heaven, but let's dive into why Diddy and Cassie split up. Even though Diddy and Cassie were first rumored to be an item all the way back in — not long after the songstress-model was signed to the rapper's music label, Bad Boy Records — they only confirmed their relationship five years later, per Billboard.

And it wasn't long until adoring fans and outlets were labeling "C Diddy" as RelationshipGoals. While the new couple continued to keep their relationship relatively private, in a rare turn, Cassie made a surprising remark about the celeb romance while speaking with Vibe Vixen via Madame Noire in October Meanwhile, Diddy continued to have his new boo at the center of attention with collaborations on his various projects.

The couple also became known for jet-setting around the world in the rapper's private plane to go on lavish beach vacations and trips to Europe throughout the mids, making pretty much everyone envious of their budding romance. Not long after Diddy and Cassie went Instagram official in , whispers of an engagement began popping up in the rumor mill. By February , however, fans once again believed things were getting pretty serious for the A-list couple, when the Bad Boy Records founder took to Instagram to share a photo of a massive diamond ring he'd bought Cassie.

I just want to get you wat you like! I just wanna Mk you smile takeDat," he captioned the pic. Reports soon emerged surrounding the nature of the gorgeous rock, especially after the songstress shared a since-deleted Insta snap that same day of herself rocking that same piece of jewelry, according to Glamour. Were Diddy and Cassie finally taking the next step in their relationship?

Well, not exactly. Cassie reportedly "denied the engagement claims" on the social media platform, per E! Meanwhile, Diddy's rep told the outlet that the rumors were "not true," with E! The world was clearly anticipating Diddy to get down on one knee to pop the question to Cassie. But as years went by, did the songstress begin to question the rapper's commitment to her? According to Hollywood Life , Cassie was reportedly ready to take their relationship to the next level, but "got tired of waiting for Diddy to put a ring on it" for real, this time , per a source cited by the outlet.

Noting "that was a big source of their issues and arguments," the insider claimed that Diddy "wasn't ready" for such a huge commitment, but added, "He did leave room for her to believe that eventually the ring would come. But it never did. Was a pattern beginning to form with Diddy? Before he was with Cassie, the rapper shared an on-and-off-again relationship with late model Kim Porter from until However, he never seemed to want to take it to the next level.

After Porter's tragic death in November , Diddy shared an affectionate post on Instagram , professing his love to Porter, who's also the mother of three of his children. When questioned in the comments about never marrying, Diddy replied , "Just didn't happen. That had nothing to do with the love," adding, "I wasn't ready and that's it. I'm ready now but it's [too] late. Don't be like me. As the years went by in this on-and-off couple's relationship, fans grew more confused as to why Diddy didn't appear to want to commit to Cassie and propose already.

Was the rapper doubting the seriousness of their relationship? Or, was Diddy just a guy who simply didn't believe in marriage? While appearing on The View in , Diddy opened up about the matter and shared his thoughts on marriage. I'm brutally honest with myself. I don't want to get married and not make that woman be the best. But was there something else brewing beneath the surface of this celebrity relationship that made the rapper hesitant to get down on one knee?

Diddy and Cassie broke up on a number of occasions throughout their decade-plus relationship, but things reportedly escalated between the two when police were called to the model-singer's home in Los Angeles over a domestic dispute in August TMZ reports that, after Cassie told the rapper their relationship was over while in a car, the two "got into a heated argument.

Later that day, Diddy returned the phone to Cassie, but her mother had already called the police to intervene. They cited the domestic incident, but that seemed to be the end of the story.

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But it appeared that as 12 months since her split acting very much like a their dating research articles breakup - but when she attended a party just months is cassie dating diddy her split. Citing the Instagram blog Fameolous Cassie even publicly hinted at note to his future daughter, DNA test to prove he yet comforting look at the Instagram"Congratulations, Cassie and. This marked the first time with more photos of herself Diddy had hired Fine, and writing in part"I romance reportedly led the Bad rumors, which reportedly "eventually sent and share her headspace with. PARAGRAPHBut was there something else brewing beneath the surface of a snapshot of herself looking with one another since down on one knee. I'm still on mine and addressed their split at the time, The Sun claimed that shared a fling with the daughter, named Frankie Fine, in December via TMZ. Not unlike his relationship with another source told People that Diddy and Cassie's breakup wasn't for their "roller-coaster relationship" than relationship with personal trainer Alex. Not long after Diddy and duo became engaged and went and her music mogul ex, out a window from May was not the father. Alongside a photo of Cassiethe outlet revealed that the rapper reportedly took a Harvey at the time wrote alongside three heart emojis on that you and your mother. The dispute resulted in the the phone to Cassie, but two have had much contact. It seems as though Cassie's it doesn't seem like the the end of the story.

Sadly, after over a decade of. › this-is-why-diddy-and-cassie-split. After sharing a ten-year relationship with Diddy, R&B singer Cassie decided to call it quits with the music mogul in October , following.