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Defining your relationship is an important part of any progressing, adult relationship. It is especially important when you are in a new relationship and feel totally uncertain about where your partnership is heading. Although dating without labels and khun tiffany dating certainly works for a time, and might work well for some couples, many people if not most are better able to understand and work within a relationship that has some framework or structure in place. This is especially true if you are have been involved for a few months of dating and spend more time together. Knowing that you consider one another is often important in making sure you are both satisfied and content in your relationship.

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Ugandan dating

How can he profess love for you when you only just let him? Did I say all guys are liars? Being attracted to someone and wanting to settle down with them are two completely different issues. Mixed relationships are not as easy as you might think.

We are brought up to think and act a certain way without even knowing or understanding why. As a British woman, I can tell you that I expect a male partner to pull his weight in relationship and that means help out around the home, do some of the cooking, help with childcare, the supermarket etc. I expect have my own money, my own career and my own life. See whether you can get your head around that lot!

Am Wilson From Uganda. I really love every comment here some inspire why others are hurting. Now, i have an issue at hand and i really need advise. I have been with my girl friend for now 8 years we have two beautiful daughters one Karen Another called Kirsten. I love her so much but a issue is ever since i met, we have been with problem because of men. I get to know but i never leave her i have tried to talk to her but she does not change. Worse still we take long to have sex infarct we might take a month without it and i have been thinking starting moving out to look for satisfaction though i know its not a good idea.

I love her and i do not want our children to grow without their parental love. But i have started loosing feeling for her. Hi Wilson. Congratulations on being a father to two girls. It does not necessarily mean she is with another man but it does mean that you two are not as close as you used to be. I would advise against it just now. If it comes to it, you can love and support your children without being with your girlfriend, not so? Your own happiness is also important. My advise is to talk to your girlfriend.

If you have never challenged her on the fact she sees other mean, then she clearly thinks she can do as she pleases — but for how long? This situation cannot go on forever without someone getting hurt. Lastly, have you considered your sexual health? Good luck Wilson. This may not be easy but you deserve better and you have the power to make yourself happier than you are now. Am not contradicting myself the fact that i have a girl friend who has given me two beautiful daughters and may be having such issues as stated in my first text.

Do not get me wrong here but am being truthful. It is not for me to judge your sanity but know that dating from a different race can be really quite complex — especially if you have a serious relationship. It sounds to me as if you should sort out your issues with your baby mama before you look to start with another woman, black, white or whatever.

I can tell you this though: a British woman like me would not not appreciate getting involved with a man who is not honest with himself and her. Have been in different companies such as Zambia Zimbabwe South Africa Botswana Malawi Uganda Rwanda Burundi Kanye Tanzania Southern Sudan But Men of different countries whenever they get a chance to a white skin lady they expect a lot from them But sometimes they got disappointed in many things which they wish to from a white I.

Love 2. Care 3. Money 4. I may be sidelined for that, but that may not be a bad thing! It is interesting that the things we worry about our men, are the very thing white girls find wrong about them…The universe is speaking, Ugandan men need to up their game. I have a girlfriend who is in love with a man in Uganda she has never met. I tried to convince her to be realistic to no avail.

How can I check if he is married etc. Hi Paul. This sounds like an awkward situation for you. For example, a couple may have had a traditional marriage but not a state registered one. The man in question may not be married yet he could still be committed to someone. He may have children with one or more women and in my experience may not feel he has to share that information.

My WhatsApp is [deleted]. We can take it from there. Muzungu blogger connect a brother. Get serious. This is not a dating site. I am dating Uganda man but I do not know he is always talking about how mucg he loves me and he want kids with me and Marty me but there is something I suspect that he is dishonest. Hi Miss D I can tell you what my girlfriends and I would say: if you suspect he is dishonest, then there is a good chance he is. Sometimes you have to trust your instincts.

Before everything if you have never meet before. But you need to be carefully not to consider before you take your final decision. Any way out of my experience I had a white lady who we dated with for two years, she was everything to me in all my dreams, she was from USA Texas. Now time came, we had arranged for my travel to meet. Now I called her and reminded her to send me an invitation so that I can process my visa because she was independent and working as a nurse in Miami hospital, she told me that sorry already I met some one, I thought your were just on jokes.

My dear I cried all crocodile tears because I had all hopes in this lady and I knew she was ready to settle with me. What pained me a lot was all my time I wasted and committed all my self for her. Any way am Ugandan but currently working and living in Qatar. So back to your point, make sure you meet with your man then you will discover the truth.. As for getting to know someone, it really takes a long time. Mpola mpola…. My question is why do Ugandan men like interacial relationships?

Jus curious to know. When I hear men making negative comments about dating Ugandan women, it usually relates to money and how much the man is expected to spend on her. Here is my little dating story. I met this mzungu Australian man in Entebbe. And we been dating for for almost a year. Two months when I just met him he moved to Australia and promised to came back.

What makes it interesting is that he a few months when we just started dating. Waited for me to ask him for money but in vain. Then he recently confessed. You are really a different kind of Ugandan woman. You never ask me for money. I just laughed loud. Because deep inside me I know what he expects of me So I try very much not ruin a good relationship we have and hoping For the best I love my country Uganda.

And fact that he was is interested to came back and settle in Uganda made me even like him more Because I fear westerner kind of weather and life. May just to visit And then suddenly mzungu changes his mind. Beat I want move you to stay here with me same day that was such a turn off But I still like him. And hoping for happy marriage same day. It dosent seem to end But all in all. I love it that we are finally camping to understanding Of each other.

Not anything but for truely. Hi there, thanks for sharing your story. It interesting that you fear western weather etc. This means that you leave for work when it is dark and it gets dark when you are still in the office. Plus it can be extremely cold. You have to spend money on buying warmer clothes and boots and you have to spend money heating your house.

We have taxes on everything. Although you can get hundreds of types of different foods in the UK, Ugandan foods are hard to find or expensive. I think is far more realistic to stay and live your life in Uganda, rather than looking for opportunity overseas. I love reading all comments ,May the good Lord continue blessing u even in this new year.

Good luck. Sorry for what you have gone through. But your post ignores existance of genuine lovers in Uganda… My question then here goes… Are all ugandan men liars or unmarriable. And if your answer is affirmative, then your opinion holds. I love reading every comment here, thanks for sharing your relationship experience in Uganda Ms.

I Love Ugandan men very cool they are they but my main man Josephgbgjhj Decided to leave me for my mother,m very sad time this is but my depressiobngvb is still there… pkls give advice to a yearning wamen in love I miss my hubby. Some black guys see bazungu as meal cards But thats not love I refer that to stealing Love is when u passionately love someone Money,sex and fancy things shouldnt be the first Note here But understanding eachother U know!

I like bazungu If they fall in love they totally do But African ladies are mostly after mone i wont say all of them but most Money iz a material thing which anyone can get anytime But they dont know Big up to bazungu they know love I hope God blesses me with one. Enjoyed the poem too! I must say this ugandan guy knows me better than all men i have been with my entire life, he can read me like a book, he is a mugandan, Christian guy soft spoken dark skinned beautiful white teeth and has very big heart but like wat someone said earlier,these white lies bug me Anyways, recently he moved back to Uganda after proposing, so he has spoken to my aunt about the dowry and he wants me to join him in Uganda and start a fam with him..

Interestingly the day we started dating he told me that I would become his wife and he has always addressed me by his last name. I am confused part of me wants to go and at the same time scared of the unknown. Hey Rose, nice to hear from you. Would he want you to settle in Uganda if you get married? I think you just have to come and visit and see how it feels.

Perhaps you should take a little pressure off yourself by not focusing on a wedding but more simply thinking about whether you can adjust to life here. To date, I imagine you have had a ton of quality time together. In Dubai, you are both away from your home countries and families. If you settle here in Uganda, you will have to get to know and spend time with his family and friends.

If this guy really loves you, he will help you adjust and fit in. Best of luck! Am 28 years and a Ugandan. I think all people from different parts of the world know how to love. It depends on who you are expressing your love too. Just like when it comes to giving, One might value a small gift just because no body gives them gifts and to another is a reverse.

Back in days when I was in my early 20s I wanted to marry specifically a white lady. Right now am not sure how the relationship can work if I get an opportunity for a serious one. Number one has to be love, The other reason , financials, immigrations etc come last. I do understand when a white lady decides to date a Ugandan man.

Many will see an ATM but most educated Uganda wont think like. Good luck but this is not a dating site. I suggest you take a bit more care about your personal security. I think one of the problems people have here is the too much expectations from the relationships and then you Western ladies thinking we ugadan men are desperate and look at you as money trees.

Some of us have jobs, have standards, homes and Christian values. When we date we are looking for someone to share life and whatever we have. Although most ladies too are not Christians so their relationships are based on world standards. There are some people men and women, of all nationalities who think that they can take a big shortcut in life by marrying someone who they think is rich.

They usually end up disappointed, for many reasons. It comes with its own challenges, and these are constant. Right from my highschool I never used to interact with females. So here at campus I get myself my first girlfriend Ugandan it all started as she could often come to my place for econometrics discussions. For the first two weeks discussions were perfect but later on things changed when she started coming to my place and started teasing me.

Later on I find her naked photos in my friends phone who then tells me that she told him that was how she wanted to reward him for discussing for her. What a bad start for me in relationship stuff! Heartbroken and looking stupid. My university partners with some international universities like Lund university which always send their students here they usually spend here two to three months depressed I was. Do you mind if I join you? Time went on and I actually became very close to Lisa.

After a month we went to a known club in Mbarara district club Vegas started boozing as if we had been told that the world was ending the next day. Time passed and we kept on doing it a couple of times. I felt like this was the perfect girl for a partner. With due respect I accepted to keep it the way she wants it. We continued with our fantasies till when she had to return to Sweden.

What will experiences will I have in my third year? Hi Rijjaz, thanks for sharing your story. Well girlfriend no 1 should have known better. Sorry to read what she put you through and what a fool she is to let someone else share her nude photos. I like the sound of the Swedish girl. At least she was honest with you, that counts for a huge amount in my mind.

Plus you had fun By the way, well done for giving up the booze and taking up sport. Not easy but definitely better for your physical health, mental health and wallet! Comparing my two experiences I think the last encounter was the best one. It made me understand much about dating. Jinja being my home place I plan to be there for two months. Kindly drop the info in my email since its one of the perquisites to comment here meaning you can have a tress of who commented.

I find travelling incredibly satisfying. I used to want a partner to travel with but on the few occasions I have been with a boyfriend, they ended up being a disaster! Soon I may also start a blog your my inspiration on that.

How about that! Stay well girl. Why Uganda women like to cheat their local boyfriend when they meet a white man. Women can have a local boyfriend and wait for a white man she met is school and training programs. They hook married white man when visiting Uganda. Sometimes I feel to understand why Uganda women are so possessed with white men.

Hi Anikah. I totally agree with you, why do certain women want to hook a white man? I tell you, mixed-race relationships are a lot harder than people might think. Some see white skin and think money and an easy life. It is not. Your comment made me sad. But offcorse they had to date first be4 the marriage. Hello fellow bloggers, well and good every one has a reason for dating a white lady. But according to me and the research have made many poor boys looks for whites because they are mentally ignorant.

They think all whites have money and rich enough to solve their problems. While others wants to try new things with different races, they believe as far as love is concerned whites have great and pure love when they meet black guy. NB as for my reasons am one of those but the reason why I love white ladies is that they can show you pure love. This is a fact and I have some friends of mine married to white ladies and have always been with them.

Having a mixed-race relationship requires a lot of effort. Yaa your very true but still some people are so furious as they not first look into terms and conditions that may apply. They are just to fulfill the own interest which may our them problems in future. I may not mention any identity of a friend who loved a white lady and this lady was comfortable with that guy.

So she went ahead processing all papers and they moved together to UK as a couple. Just after one year this guy was deported because of breaking the marriage agreement, he started sleeping with other ladies and then he was reported to the authorities and was deported immediately. So we need committiment and to be focused on what we want. Not to use some short curtain simply because you want away through.. Hahaha too funny but reality. Wow… Followed all this touchy, saddening and educating experiences.

For the blog, I must appreciate the muzungu. As a Ugandan I should say dating a white woman and subsequently marrying her may sound prestigious however most of us forget the balance of life. The ideology by most people to date for money makes it a dead end in a relationship however it just depends who exactly you got as a partner.

Thanks for this blog. Webale kusiima. Thanks for the appreciation. Dating someone for what they have and what you think you may gain from them is a shortcut to disaster, unless you have a lot of other things in common. What is the secret of a successful relationship? Whoever works that out will be the richest person on earth!

Hey people here, Am Isaac, am a serious Ugandan man aged 28, am in search of a white lady For an honest relationship that will lead to marriage. We differ socially. What are you looking for? What are your expectations? What is it about dating a muzungu that you think would be different from dating a Ugandan?

The horror of reality is that they use the same tactics of lies and lead similar type of lives over here. And while local women not being aware of that type of culture and mentality are conned into fake relationships just in the end to figure lies out and find out about his wife in Uganda, his wife in UK, whom he lives separately from and multiple children all over the place. They laugh about it.

Children are the gift from God and more the merrier! I have recently met a few young Ugandans who have visited UG for the first time in their lives. I hope all Ugandans born outside the country get a chance to travel and find their roots. Diaspora friends say it does take two or three years to get used to life here! By the way, if you know anyone who has Ugandan children in the UK or anywhere outside Uganda , do introduce them to the lovely books about Nkozi and Nankya, developed by Solomon Jagwe who lives with his Ugandan wife in the USA.

Thanks for taking the time to share your views. Thanks so much for your reply. Charlotte, you have such a broad understanding and tolerance, wishing you all the best with your work and life. My biggest piece of advice to all of us in mixed race relationships and that includes friendships is to really get to know each other well, in different and testing circumstances, and to always talk openly about every little thing.

You cannot rush understanding or empathy. Great advice! Also, in my opinion, time and knowledge not always brings empathy and acceptance where is a huge lack of morality. Could be quite opposite. There is no law to punish them. My understanding is too limited perhaps. Or shall we just all laugh about it. Lord knows a Brit would prefer to rant and rave and burst a blood vessel!

Hello, muzungu, u really sound like u have been in UG for ages. One thng i would like 2 make clear is the fact that in ug, its very prestigious 2 hav a white lady. I dnt know why, but my dad always insisted that i marry a white lady and wen i asked him what was wrong with my fellow ugandans, all he said was they were not good 4 me.

Really — if I met your dad I would give him a piece of my mind. Denigrating your fellow Ugandans like that is shameful. I really enjoyed reading through comments above though I have not read all. This is charming. Promise to read more and follow this page because it got everything I have been searching for a while, thanks for everything. Cazinda Artist. Actually the replies above are not bad however, some are kind of discouraging. I have nothing much to say but from heart and mind I just need a muzungu lady for my dream to come true.

I hear they are so loving and caring and when they decide to love they love. So dear friends am in Uganda Masaka and am single. So any single muzungu out there am ready to love you with all my heart to treasure en respect ma dream. Have you not heard about the high divorce rates we have in the West? In some countries, 1 in 3 marriages ends in divorce.

Consider that one. I read somewhere that Kenyan men especially us from the Maasai tribe are the most loyal. You know just saying. Maybe I need to write the Kenyan version of this post? My experiences of dating Kenyan men have been how shall I say it? I found it fascinating! I am a gentle Ugandan man interested in dating a good white lady.

Contact me if your a good white lady. Single but not searching. Am ugandan and i love uganda but most ugandans can be really good at scheming when it comes to relationships. We even have a case were a yoyo boy as kenyan girls like to address those swaggerific male youth broadcasting on a popular ugandan tv station right infront of his muzungu lover how he was only into it the relationship for the money and to travel abroad.. I hope someone translated for her and she dumped him!

These kind of relationships rarely last. Thank you so much for this wonderful post that has stayed for years. Have read all comments and replies. I love the information embedded, from around the world. Kudos mzungu, mukama akukuume, waiting for a meet and greet party for your fans. Just as your points are valid, a big number of Ugandan men has been misrepresented. Your claims are right and you seem down right settled on your argument which brings about bias because even when a person talks about a good experience with a Ugandan man, to you its unimaginable.

However not all are like that and a majority to say. I think all this is given on your experiences but i do hope you get one that can make you forget all the fake promises. Hi Charles, good for you for sticking up for the good guys! And they are there but where do I say a good experience with a Ugandan man is unimaginable?

I have male UG friends who I think are great boyfriends and husbands. Wow, going through this has been sad, educative and Hilarious!! And it often is sad to see ladies fall for it. Anyways for every Muzungu hoping to date in Uganda I would say one thing, be very vigilant and set personal boundaries.

Think of it this way, a guy who wants to date you for you will treat you right and who wont feel any gaps. This applies to interracial relationships too. I guess you really need to just think of Ugandan men as just men. Meaning when he lies no matter how sweet he makes it look, he is lying. Also many of them do. Some controls for you if you feel he is fishy, before you get serious to having kids and families meet his. If you are going to marry me well the least you can do for me is let me in. If he wont then he is hiding something so my sister run for your life!!

Anyways, I could go on and on but just make good genuine friendships with local Ugandan ladies, hang out with them if u are planning to meet guys, they can help you see through some of this bullshit. Having said that, I asked a good Ugandan girlfriend of mine for her advice regarding a man who wanted to date me.

This was back in When I asked him if he had any, he told me about a girl. It was a few weeks later that he dropped into the conversation that he had another child. I felt he was hiding his children from me — and that seemed very weird to me.

I need a muzungu girl. Help me to find someone and your their. Lets start a real knowing each other. Since my childhood in our family,my real family members used to abuse me because am a bit more black than them. This was my courage, i used to tell them i will marry my wife a muzugu. Dear Bina Boy, your message has made me feel very sad. And so what if your children are blacker than you?

Where is the problem? That is so superficial, so wrong. Please care for yourself. I know people have said some very hurtful things but you will get through it. You have to give them a chance. It should not dictate how you are treated or how you feel.

Read this poem. It was written by Abdullah Shoaib. It can be read both ways. Had friends that used to tell us to go at bubbles Acacia rd and that we shud have dreds, All Whites we desired were hanging their LOL, Am changing that piece of mind and thanks to lazy me. A lot of people — most people — do anything to avoid those kind of places as they attract a lot of fake attention.

I will be alone and definately want some ugandan friends. I am a photographer and aviator. Drop me an email people who are intersted in me. I dont want any one doing drugs or multipe partners i am a clean person wants some one clean. For your safety — and my sanity — I am not sharing your contacts. Think about all the cultural issues you need to negotiate as a couple.

Being children in a mixed race family can be very confusing for many people. I know this through personal experiences of people who I am close to. Think about it. I dated a Ugandan who wanted us to have a baby very quickly — we had been dating for three weeks. His reason was the same as yours. Hi there. I can personally attest that most ugandans are amazing. I fell in love with bagandas in year Had met an amazing muganda by then unfortunately we separated in somewhere around February.

Im in no position to bad mouth the guy I was so in love and really loved him. The only challenged I came across was him not being honest with me from the beginning. Hiding his baby and on top of that got someone else pregnant and that was when I had to leave. It actually took me a whole 1 year to actually move on. I had to gather all strength I could and heal because I had told myself he is my forever. I am happy now that i finally found another muganda but hopefully this one is quiet different.

Im actually not thinking of the worst! I love him too. To make it short , bagandas are really amazing They are so different and unique in their own way oh Lord. No, he did not allow a future together. Hiding a baby and getting another girl pregnant did not just happen by accident. Anyway, good for you, you have moved on and I wish you all the very best. I had a boyfriend who did that to me. We talked about having a baby but at no point did he mention he already had children of his own.

When I eventually asked him, he told told me about a daughter. Some weeks later he mentioned a second child, a boy. How many kids did he really have? And why the big secret? In Ugandan culture, you are low hanging fruit or have baggage if you have kids from previous relationship especially if you were never married, you are considered to have been promiscuous and irresponsible so some people are not very willing to disclose that info at the beginning because of insecurity and fear of scaring away a new partner especially if said new partner has no kids meaning no drama attached.

To go to the extent of lying about having children is pretty unforgivable. Now m no longer trusting him and ever since I know abt his real name I still dnt understand why he told me lies about his personality, please help me what to do coz I do love him but the trust is no longer there. I have a French surname and it is spelt all kinds of ways here in Uganda. Does he have bad handwriting? Could Richard be read as Edward if someone is in a rush and failing to understand what he has written?

I was once issued with a cheque book that had my middle name which I never use , my first name which was incorrect. The cheque book did not even have my family name surely the most important part of my identification?! I think there is more to this than what you are sharing with us?

WAW waa waw i love this but way me am a ugandan en wanna marry a ugandan lady its not because i cant marry a muzungu , i can also do that but my heart fell for some one so when i decide to push my self into another relationship. Hey Ismailal, I appreciate your sentiments. I would rather have a female friend than a fiancee. You would rather hurt someone with the truth than mislead them with a lie.

You are right not to…. This is interesting and I am happy to read all your comments. I am a Ugandan and in a relationship with a British sweet girl and dated for 5 years and then made a decision to move in together and now we Have two beautiful babies. Life before moving in together was very simple as we used to do things on our pass. Things turned around as we realized that our expectations were different and now both of us asking our selves if we happy.

All I want is to know is that we fall in love and most of the time never ask our selves about the difference of our cultures ,the kind of husband or wife you want and I am very sure today these muzungu finding for opportunities is fading off. Hi I think you have two things here, not only your different backgrounds but also the fact that you have young children.

Also, relationships change and evolve. This applies to friendships, lovers, even how you relate to your own family members. You cannot guess at most of the challenges you will face. This article tells you about how to date Ugandan. This article is very knowledgeable for everyone. I would go for this site even in future when needed. Great blog indeed, will visit again future to read more!! Hello my fellow bloggers need advice and knowledge how to go about this! I have adream of meeting white lady in my life as my life partner.

Am aguy who loves dreads and I got them through out my head. But whenever I meet them I fear to start aconversation with them this misses the chance. Marrying white lady was my dream and even up to now I still have that hope and I try as much as I can though I fail to some other points. NB So need advice my friends who were like me coz indeed need to fullfil my dream..

But let no one hesitate to advise me on any way!!!!! I get a lot of messages from Ugandans who want to meet bazungu. I have to ask you why? You are not likely to find a proper relationship in any of the places you mention. He was a couple years older than me. I knew it was a bad idea, but I was lonely at the time. Now that I look back on it, it was all super weird.

He would tell the same types of things like those described in this article. He would go on about how beautiful, sexy and hot I was, send me very graphic sexual messages and pictures about what he was gonna do to me, was adamant about proposing to me as soon as I would get to Uganda. He was also obsessed with the idea of impregnating me and apparently wanted to get me pregnant very soon.

He went on about how beautiful mixed babies are and wanted to make several with me. Ugh, so creepy. Ladies, if you need a sign, this is it. Stop talking to him! I was with this guy for just a few weeks before he wanted me to get pregnant.

When I asked him why he was in such a rush, he replied how pretty mixed babies look, or how pretty his friends said mixed babies looked. Looking back on it, I think he was married anyway, or living with someone. Just landed on this blog post and the comments have left me in stitches!

But seriously, as a Ugandan who has dated both white and black men I find that white people always treat us with suspicion be it women or men. Majority of the men not all if them, some are respectful all treat us like street walkers, even when they met you while you were working had your own home an assets. We have all stereotyped ourselves that it is difficult ti find a genuine person be them white or black. But as people have pointed out research and conversations before taking the plunge are important.

The key to mixed relationship is to talk, talk and talk some more. We are all guilty of it. I made assumptions about the first Ugandan guy that I met. I assumed that if he wanted to have children with me, he would tell me about any children he already had. I was quite wrong about that one! This blog post has made my day, I have been reading all the comments and some are just so hilarious.

It is a fact that Ugandan men can have kids without being married, or not in a relationship, but have kids, and still want to date you. Not married, but committed to someone, Committed to someone but not married. I have seen this as I have grown up.

To those who want white ladies, what is that you want about them? This cannot be the reason. Hi Shafiq Oh yes, we have plenty of laughs on this post! These are all assumptions anyway and the quicker Ugandans wake up to that, the better for everyone. Mixed race relationships are more demanding than when you date someone from your own culture. I know from personal experience and experience of my friends. There are very few shortcuts in life and this is a good example of that.

You may think you are getting rich quick by hooking up with a Muzungu generally false by the way but actually you are going to be taking on a lot as well. You may have to completely re-evaluate your views of life. Stick with what you know your own culture unless you are prepared to do a lot of reflection and compromising.

I think i found a gem on the internet. Consider me a fan to this blog. LOL Mugi, thank you. We have a lot of fun discussions on Diary of a Muzungu Facebook page. This forum is interesting. Sorry about your negative experiences the muzungu. I promise there are far better Ugandan men out there. The men who keep asking for white women here are also an embarrassment.

That lot is what people look at and think damn! At least from the conversations I have had with other men, there is some kind of curiosity as to what dating a mzungu woman can be like or more interestingly sleeping with one. It must be a fun but daring experience. There is plenty of fun to be had when you date someone from a different culture — you see the world through new eyes. Some people feel threatened by that though. They learn things about themselves they are not comfortable with.

As for black men using sunscreen — it may sound funny but why not? I just I get my right one very soon. Some of them. Hi Elsa Thanks for dropping by. Especially since you already have some insights from your Ugandan colleagues. Do be wary of some charming — but rather predatory — types who hang around popular bars.

Read Why do muzungu women like dating rastas? Read the comments for the best insights! Educational and hilarious too! My concern is that after three years of searching for a white man and failing. Instead consider the fact that he may expect you to pay halves to run the household and supporting your wider family contributions to weddings, burials, school fees will not come naturally to him. Stick with an African man. Read the comments for more insights Why do muzungu women like dating rastas? Your email address will not be published.

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