polycom updating initial configuration

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Polycom updating initial configuration dating statistics 2014

Polycom updating initial configuration

Oct 7, Question : I get the error Message "error loading 00xxxxxxxxxx. Above simply indicates that someone has formatted the file system and the Phone now no longer has it's software installed. I would advise either to follow up within the VoIP section based on the advise given or raise this via your Polycom reseller. Please ensure that you are using the latest HDX 3.

Sign In Help. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. SoundStation IP stuck on updating initial configuration. Hello, We have a HDX with the basic microphone setup.

We already updated the firmware to the latest version but no result. I think the 4. Also, I believe there are several version of the fw available that correspond to different hardware revisions of the phone. You have to match the number of the fw. I use Look on the phone itself to see what the required version is. Or, monitor the FTP server to see what files it is requesting. One thing to note is, we are using Net2Phone as our provider and they are the ones who provision.

I had a phone that failed. However, this phone doesn't want to do that. This IP and two others are Revision AD, however this phone has wouldn't take the provisioning for some reason. I am also wondering about using the "Combined" versions versus "Split" versions.

I have tried both. I found some new information. The Phones that are Rev AD circa have version 4. Several hosted provides say that you cannot use 4. If you are trying to downgrade the software, you may need a different firmware. I think if you can downgrade it to a consistent version, then bring it upwards in steps, you can get it configured. So it seems that SIP 3. It also seems the phone will not take "bootrom. When the phone boots up, it grabs the " If I recall correctly, the 3. I may be incorrect, but I believe that's the case.

It appears that you're still using DHCP on the phone. Is that correct? I've always factory reset and then entered in the network and TFTP settings manually. You should not need to upgrade the bootrom, only the sip. Originally, I was going to keep this phone as a spare for our conference room phones. I have 3 other Soundstation IP phones working just fine running the 4. They each had their "bootrom" updated to "Updater 5. And yeah that's my mistake, I had reset the phone again after and forgot to make it static again for TFTP.

I will do that again. I concur with the frustration! I have been following the guides in the links above, but it doesn't seem to a resolution. They all say to use that 4. I do that and I get logs like above. These 3 lines are a bit odd to me.

I wonder why it couldn't get all bytes of the header. My guess is because it didn't get the 4. That seems to be pre-requisite, but I don't know. I also think those 3 lines are irrelevant since the phone then proceeds to look into bootrom. So I am not sure how to step up the phones from 4. I am not sure what is wrong with the 4. Edit: It is curious that the 4. So it's possible that the general "bootrom. Patricia Polycom. Thanks again Robert, I have those files too. A couple different versions of the 5.

That's what I mean by a "hand-on installation. Amen to that, and may this post serve as a testament and a warning to all those who pass by here. Get answers from your peers along with millions of IT pros who visit Spiceworks. Hi guys, I have issues with updating a phone from a local ftp server on my computer. I am trying to use this guide posted here on Polycom's forums. So I unzipped UC software 4. We have an upgraded phone now. I am trying to sort through some of the mystery, but here is my most straightforward explanation.

I downloaded and unzipped SIP 3. Mind you, my phone already had 3. I had then reformatted the phone so that it had 3. Then I read back over some of the links I had already been through and several places had seen you need to use a BootROM upgrader before upgrading to later versions. I had been over this several times, but finallly decided to try unzipping the 4. Let me tell you, that 4. The documentation on Polycom's site and its FAQ's left me confused, because they didn't make this difference known enough, even though it was mentioned.

In the 2nd link, they mention getting 4. Their documentation isn't up to date apparantely. This link actually contains a direct download link for the 4. You have to scroll down quite far in the page to the Upgrade Path section. I had previously downloaded the 4.


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I have issues with updating a phone from a local ftp server on my computer.

Americans dating israelis I am trying to go 4. Hi Thank you for this very helpfull Information. I have updated my SpectraLink to the Firmware Version 4. Is there a way to centrally managed firmware updates? If your phone has a current Poly firmware it supports an automatic firmware update feature referred to as software update. A password will be requested. Select Administration Settings
Roger kwok dating Also this process can be used to downgrade software if needed as multiple versions can be stored aspergers dating tips the same location and a menu will be presented to allow the desired version to be installed. The process I use with the I hate them Polycoms is: 0. March 5, at am. Factory reset - this erases the current configuration and apply the original configuration the phone was shipped with from the factory. February 8, at am.
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Locking the Basic Settings Menu. Basic Settings Menu Lock Parameter. Secondary Port Link Status Report. Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol. Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol Parameters. FIPS Parameter. Plug and Play Provisioning. Plug and Play Provisioning Parameters. Using the Factory-Installed Certificate. Check for a Device Certificate. Customizing Certificate Use.

TLS Protocol Parameters. TLS Parameters. Create a Certificate Signing Request. Download Certificates. Online Certificate Status Protocol. Online Certificate Status Protocol Parameter. Wildcard Certificate Support. Wildcard Certificate Support Parameters. Upgrading the Software. Upgrading the Software on a Single Phone. User-Controlled Software Update. User-Controlled Software Update Parameters. Upgrade Phones from UC Software 4. Software Upgrade Resiliency.

Software Upgrade Resiliency Parameter. Diagnostics and Status. Test Phone Hardware. Perform Network Diagnostics. Reboot the Phone. Restart the Phone. Update Configuration from the Phone Menu. Resetting a Phone to Factory Defaults. Reset the Phone and Configuration. Reset to Factory Parameter.

Check Memory Usage from the Phone. Phone Memory Resources. Phone Memory Alert. Phone Memory Alert Parameters. Remote Packet Capture. Remote Packet Capture Parameters. USB Logging Parameter. Phone Boot Status. Phone Boot Status Parameters. Retrieve Logs from the Support Information Package. System Logs. Configuring Log Files. Severity of Logging Event Parameter.

Log File Collection and Storage Parameters. Scheduled Logging Parameter. Logging Levels. Logging Level, Change, and Render Parameters. Logging Parameters. Upload Logs to the Provisioning Server. Updater Error Messages and Possible Solutions. Network Authentication Failure Error Codes. Power and Start-up Issues. Dial Pad Issues.

Screen and System Access Issues. Calling Issues. Display Issues. Audio Issues. Licensed Feature Issues. Software Upgrade Issues. Provisioning Issues. Hardware and Accessories. Power-Saving Parameters. Headset and Speakerphone. Headset and Speakerphone Parameters. Polycom Desktop Connector. Polycom Desktop Connector Parameters. USB Port Lock.

Plantronics Headset Settings. Plantronics Headset Settings Configuration Parameter. Polycom Expansion Modules. Expansion Module Line Keys. Expansion Module Power Values. Smart Paging on Expansion Modules. Smart Paging Distribution Scenarios.

Smart Paging Parameter. Pair using PC Port Pairing. Pair using Automatic Pairing. Pair using Manual Pairing. Maximum Number of Handsets. Assign Lines using the Phone Interface. Update the Wireless Handset Software Manually. Audio Features. Automatic Gain Control. Background Noise Suppression. Comfort Noise. Voice Activity Detection. Voice Activity Detection Parameters.

Comfort Noise Payload Packets. Comfort Noise Payload Packets Parameters. Synthesized Call Progress Tones. Jitter Buffer and Packet Error Concealment. DTMF Tones. Acoustic Echo Cancellation. Acoustic Echo Cancellation Parameters. Context-Sensitive Volume Control. Context Sensitive Volume Control Parameters.

Polycom Acoustic Fence. Acoustic Fence Parameters. Bluetooth Parameters. Location of Audio Alerts. Audio Alert Parameters. Supported Ring Classes. Ringtone Parameters. Distinctive Ringtones. Distinctive Ringtone Parameters. Ringtone Patterns. Sound Effects. Sampled Audio Files. Default Sample Audio Files.

Sampled Audio File Parameter. Sound Effect Patterns. Sound Effect Pattern Parameters. Call Progress Tones. Miscellaneous Patterns. Supported Audio Codecs. Supported Audio Codec Specifications. Audio Codec Parameters. Opus Audio Codec Parameters.

IEEE VQMon Reports. VQMon Parameters. Video Features. Video and Camera Options. Video Quality Parameters. Video Codec Parameters. Video and Camera Parameters. Supported Video Codecs. SIP and H. Supported H. Audio-only or Audio-Video Call Parameters. Video Parameters. Video Codec Preference Parameters. Video Profile Parameters. Phone Display Features. Time Zone Location Description. Time Zone Location Parameters.

Time and Date. Time and Date Display Parameters. Date Formats. Phone Theme. Phone Theme Parameters. Icon Customization. Export Icons. Import Custom Icons. Custom User Interface Parameters. Default Phone Screen. Off-Hook Phone Screen. Off-Hook Phone Screen Parameter. Active Call Phone Screen. Active Call Screen Parameters. Graphic Display Background. Maximum Image and Logo Sizes. Graphic Display Background Parameters. Digital Picture Frame.

Digital Picture Frame Parameters. Background Image Lock. Phone Languages. Phone Language Parameters. Multilingual Parameters. Add a Language for the Phone Display and Menu. Pinyin Text Input. Hide the MAC Address. Digital Phone Label. Digital Phone Label Parameters. Unique Line Labels for Registration Lines. LED Indicators. LED Behavior Parameters.

LED Pattern Examples. Line View Pages. Navigate Line Screen Pages. Pagination Configuration Parameter. Font Size Customization. Reverse Name Lookup. Reverse Name Lookup Parameter. User Profiles. User Profile Parameters. Remotely Logging Out Users. User Profile Authentication. User Profile Server Authentication. User Profile Phone Authentication. Create Default Credentials and a Profile for a Phone.

Create a User Configuration File. Directories and Contacts. Local Contact Directory. Local Contact Directory Parameters. Maximum Capacity of the Local Contact Directory. Creating Per-Phone Directory Files. Maintaining Per-Phone Directory Files. Speed Dials. Speed Dial Contacts Parameters. Corporate Directory. Corporate Directory Parameters. Call Lists.

Call List Parameters. Call Log Elements and Attributes. Call Controls. Microphone Mute. Persistent Microphone Mute. Persistent Microphone Mute Parameter. Call Timers. Called Party Identification. Connected Party Identification. Calling Party Identification. Calling Party Identification Parameters. Connected Line Identification. Calling Line Identification. Calling Line Identification Parameters.

SIP Header Warnings. Distinctive Incoming Call Treatment. Distinctive Call Waiting. Distinctive Call Waiting Parameters. Presence Status. Presence Status Parameters. Do Not Disturb. Server-Based Do Not Disturb. Do Not Disturb Parameters. Remote Party Disconnect Alert Tone. Call Waiting Alerts. Call Waiting Alert Parameters. Missed Call Notifications. Missed Call Notification Parameters.

Last Call Return. Last Call Return Parameters. Call Hold. Call Hold Parameters. Hold Implementation. Call Hold Timer. Call Hold Timer Parameter. Call Park and Retrieve. Call Park and Retrieve Parameters. Call Transfer. Call Transfer Parameters. Call Forwarding. Call Forward on Shared Lines. Call Forwarding Parameters. Automatic Off-Hook Call Placement. Directed Call Pickup. Directed Call Pickup Parameters. Group Call Pickup. Group Call Pickup Parameters. Multiple Line Registrations.

Maximum Number of Registrations. Multiple Line Registrations Parameters. Multiple Line Keys Per Registration. Multiple Call Appearances. Multiple Call Appearance Parameters. Flexible Call Appearances. Bridged Line Appearance. Bridged Line Appearance Signaling. Bridged Line Appearance Parameters. Voicemail Parameters.

Local Call Recording. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. SoundStation IP stuck on updating initial configuration. Hello, We have a HDX with the basic microphone setup. We already updated the firmware to the latest version but no result. Any idea's what the next step is to troubleshoot this issue? Message 1 of 4. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Re: SoundStation IP stuck on updating initial configuration.

I am just a simple volunteer in the community like everybody else. My official "day" Job is 3rd Level support at Poly but I am unable to provide official support via the community. Message 2 of 4.

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As soon as my schedule. But to delete the config. SPn Service Web Page seventeen dating I never had please return. We do not disclose within replying to this that will so we cannot publicly disclose Software and Bootrom and the. Does this make sense to. Once the phone connects to the server it will be able to download the latest through this process on my is fair more economical to. Programmable Keys Web Page. Auto Provisioning Web Page. Feature Key Configuration Parameters. PARAGRAPHSoftkey Set Parameters.

Re: SoundStation IP stuck on updating initial configuration. Hello Tom, welcome to the Polycom Community. What do you class as the latest. Hi, We just bought a new Polycom and cannot get it to connect to the Waiting for network to initialize; Updating initial configuration; Could. How To Update Polycom Device Firmware · 1. Reboot the phone. · 2. While the phone is showing Welcome, X seconds until auto reboot, press Setup soft key. · 3​.