older women dating younger men in nigeria

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Defining your relationship is an important part of any progressing, adult relationship. It is especially important when you are in a new relationship and feel totally uncertain about where your partnership is heading. Although dating without labels and khun tiffany dating certainly works for a time, and might work well for some couples, many people if not most are better able to understand and work within a relationship that has some framework or structure in place. This is especially true if you are have been involved for a few months of dating and spend more time together. Knowing that you consider one another is often important in making sure you are both satisfied and content in your relationship.

Older women dating younger men in nigeria free dating sites in south wales

Older women dating younger men in nigeria

It is not because such women are more experienced in bed, funnier, more confident, or well read. And certainly not because they have more supple, sexier or firmer bodies. Women their own age make demands, they want babies; they want the man to spend on them. Unfortunately, that is the true colour of most relationship settings of this age. Research claims that a marriage in which a woman is two or more years older than her husband is 53 per cent more likely to end in divorce than if the husband were three or more years older or only one year younger.

According to a recent study, wealth and ambition are the two favourite qualities that younger women want in a man, that is, they want a man who can afford to lavish them with expensive gestures. Younger women seem to want it all…looks, wealth, ambition and honesty- whilst older women value the more traditional traits such as kindness, humour and reliability. To enable commenting and other interactive features, please switch to the more advanced. By Chukwuneta Oby.

Meanwhile, Legit. A lady identified as Emerald Atafo left many people on social media amused and some worried after she sent a group message to 49 men who bear the name Tunde following a heartbreak which she suffered from a man with the same name. Atafo who revealed that her cousin also suffered the same fate, sent the message via the Twitter platform, advising them to be better people in relationships.

She stated that women were not toys to be played with. Men do not need you, they are sufficient, stop feeling too entitled - Lady tells women. She further stated that just because some women are bold enough to show emotions does not mean that they should be taken for granted.

She ended by urging them to send the message to other Tundes that they know. Nigerians Speak Legit TV. Read also More Nigerian males tested positive for coronavirus - Minister. Read also Men do not need you, they are sufficient, stop feeling too entitled - Lady tells women. Hot: Grace olyphant Jonathan ke quan Access bank loan code Who was the richest president Bill burr daughter pictures.


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They decided to go into marriage but this young man, when he got what he was looking for, he returned to Nigeria. He had told the woman that he was coming back but moved to another country as Malaysia does not issue anybody with permanent stay, not even with marriage. He secured papers behind his wife, Annie, and moved to Germany.

The white lady, who had been praying for him for safe trip home, had called countless times appealing with him to come back after three weeks, he told Annie that his coming back had elapsed. A month had gone and the young man ignored her in her emotional crisis, despite all the money the lady sent to him, when he claimed he could not come back due to paucity of fund. They are called gigolos men live by serving elderly women. The white ladies jealously keep them to themselves and give them whatever they want.

If you have a brother or male relatives, who usually calls and asks you to send him agbo, local libido enhancement concoctions on regular basis, hmmmm…, he may be one of those, who service white women for pay and immigration papers. Melvin Ovie, resident in Spain, is currently confused on what to do regard his local wife and foreign wife. He told Joan that his local wife is his sister.

He is confused whether to leave the local wife, mother of his daughter, or the whitewoman but the confusion is heightened because the white-woman is deliberately delaying his papers and the local wife is demanding to see him or quit the marriage.

Both of them go out together and come back together. The day he went to church alone and came back late, Joan locked him out for hours. As shouting or knowing will earn him another trouble from the neighbours, he called and called but she refused open the door.

What saved him was that he reasoned like a Nigerian, he is. He disconnected the light and heat forced her to open the door to know what was happing. Sunday Telegraph has seen over 18 leaked photographs of young Nigerian men, who got married to older foreign women at the Ikoyi Registry in Lagos this year. With the way the trend is turning out, can it be safely assumed that inter-race marriages between younger men and older women are usually a smooth sail without consequence?

Young Nigerian men are seemed to be the target of old European, American and Asian women in need of toy boys. There have been increasing cases of such marriages online, where men and women propose to their spouses on Skype, facebook and other social media platforms. Their conversation progressed rapidly until it culminated in exchange of marital vows.

The couple later wedded in Nigeria and had only seen each other twice because Nwachukwu was denied a tourist visa by the UK immigration authorities on grounds of insufficient financial backing. Trending on the social media these days are pictures of Nigerian toy boys proudly displaying their marital accomplishments with European and American ladies.

In May this year, the story of a young Nigerian man estimated to have got married in his 20s made the rounds, as he celebrated his sixth wedding anniversary with a much older European woman. The groom, identified simply as Jonny, took to his social media page on May 24 to wish himself and his much older wife, identified as Brenda Skala, a happy sixth wedding anniversary.

We are quite in love and happy with ourselves. I never convinced anyone. I got happiness from what I did. Apart from marriage scam, Nigerians have found other ways just to get their papers abroad. The high cost of living has made Nigerians to migrate to other parts of the world to start a new life.

This new system of slavery being systematically accorded by our selfish and incompetent leaders need to be addressed by serious civil disobedience, starting by boycotting this coming presidential election, if not, nothing will change. Your email address will not be published. Connect with us. Continue Reading. You may also like Related Topics: American , grandmother , men , nigerian , paper , Young. Martins Irebo October 28, at AM. This is not new. It happens every where. The song propelled the image of the young man who had a live-in lover in a woman that is very much older than him.

The artiste who is known for his love for bandana wearing was having it hot with the woman who was helping his career with her money until later when the guy, after achieving fame with the monetary support of the older woman decided to end the relationship. Though the two have since gone their different ways, the guy has pitched his tent with another woman who is also said to be older than him.

Regarded as the King of stand-up comedy, the Edo State-born comedian who answers to the name made popular by Arabian tale of a young man who is in company of some 40 thieves, but whose real name is the normal response the Christian gives when asked to praise God, is very fond of dating women older than him. It was revealed that he started such while he was a student of Ambrose Alli University and he in fact married a woman who is older than him with a couple of years.

This music act who was once the rave of the moment with his song that was talking about how he made one million dollars through the internet fraud scheme popularly called yahoo yahoo, has recently changed his taste from ladies whose attention he enjoyed so much while his song was the toast of all, to older women. The young man who is from a South-West town which answers the same name as the state but is not the capital city of the state is now deep into dating women older than he is.

There was a time he was thought to heading to the altar with a society woman far older than him before things got awry and they went their separate ways. This young man is also said to be dating another lady who is older than him at the moment. He was relatively unknown until recently when he was announced to be engaged and later married to a much older woman who is a music act from the South-South area of the country.

Though his record with older women cannot be defined clearly, information has it that he met her at the house of a friend and before one could say hi, he had promised her marriage. He also has many older women as admirers and being the person he is, he also craves to satisfy them, even if it means that he has to take them to bed.

Prominent among them is his relationship with a much older actress of the Yoruba genre who played the lead role in a Yoruba movie where she spoke with a dialect of some people living in the neighbouring Benin Republic. The actress who is fair skinned is well known for causing trouble in the movies, which is the reason she was named after crisis. She has been having the affair with the much younger guy for some time now and their amorous affair is an open secret to those in the industry.

He is one of the most talented singers we have in the country. The last child of five, he is a graduate of Creative Arts department of University of Lagos. An all-round entertainer, he has worked as a Dee Jay, D J, event compere, band member and as a voice-over artiste.

The entertainment society and other social establishments were agog when this handsome dude tied the nuptial knot with an Abuja big babe whose name starts with the fourth letter of the Alphabet. It surprised many that the once presenter of ChannelO could take the bold step to marry this beau because she is said to be older than him.

But all that is a thing of the past now because age has got nothing to do with these two love birds because their relationship has crossed many hurdles and it is still very intact. He is one of the young and fine faces that Opeyemi Aiyeola groomed in the Yoruba sector of Nollywood before her seclusion from the movie world.

One of the finest movie producers and actors in the make-believe world, he has featured in so many Yoruba flicks, like Bayo Eleregele, where he acted as one of friends to Bayo. He also acted in Ore Meji and featured in one of the soaps. He is alleged to be dating one of the veteran actresses in Nollywood who acted an evergreen movie titled Obinrin Asiko. This actress started acting through her late brother whose kids are have created great impact in both the English and Yoruba sectors of Nollywood.

He also happens to be a Presenter,Model,Actor and MC and has built a career for himself in the entertainment world. He is alleged to be warming the bed of one- time senator of Cross River South constituency. She is said to be mother to a part of Nigeria that is now ceded to Cameroun,a strong woman who has served as a senator and special adviser during the tenure of a civilian ruler.

One-time MOBO award winner, he was one of the two African artistes that performed for a South African president who was imprisoned for many years for fighting for the freedom of his people. He also won the Hip Hop revelation award of the year This dark skinned dude is one of the most sought after musicians in the entertainment industry. His third album generated a lot of controversy because he accused his beautiful wife if infidelity and it finally caused a strain in his 3-year-old marriage.

Categorised as : News 24 Comments ». I think it is abject poverty that have driven our men to this shameless acts which may be full of regrets later in life……. I hope one day they will learn…. You are either a coward of a blackmailer. Stories like these are only fit for idle minds! Grow up and stop feeding the reading populace with junks! My thoughts exacly. Global news,if you are so sure why not just mention their names,You are not professional at all.

Learn from your colleagues abroad. Stop bringing people down. Am not supporting what they are doing but Love should matter in individual relationship. If they can cope and be happy,leave them alone. The women sleeping with them know the repercussion,and by the way i am happily married for 11yrs,and my husband is 8yrs older than me.

In my opinion, there are two things to consider here…dating an older woman, and dating an older woman for money. But when money is involved, it makes you a different person entirely and you need to cover your face in shame. The writer is just reporting what happen in the society we live, pls stop crucifying him for that. These short comic stories could be true.

Is there is really any big deal deal in a man dating a woman of his choice? If he finds older women more enjoyable. Can people minf their business ,please? Why are we hypocrites forming holier than thou….? A-beg, link me to one mare. Another magomago reporter……just sit down at home and looking for what to write about.

A few years ago it was emails from Nigeria, telling us we had some money coming, that we recived all over Europe and the US. Where I come from we call it prostitution. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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