poor girl dating rich man

dating a separated man with kids

Defining your relationship is an important part of any progressing, adult relationship. It is especially important when you are in a new relationship and feel totally uncertain about where your partnership is heading. Although dating without labels and khun tiffany dating certainly works for a time, and might work well for some couples, many people if not most are better able to understand and work within a relationship that has some framework or structure in place. This is especially true if you are have been involved for a few months of dating and spend more time together. Knowing that you consider one another is often important in making sure you are both satisfied and content in your relationship.

Poor girl dating rich man younger man dating an older woman

Poor girl dating rich man

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Plus I am also a very beautiful woman that looks more like 45, and feel it too. Although I also have days where I feel because I have lived through many hard difficulties, and have pride that I have faced them, and endured them alone, and have become a stronger, and better woman for them. I also consider myself, and so do others, to be a very intelligent woman. You apparently are a younger man looking for vain traits which means nothing to men of quality, that are looking for a long lasting relationship, and LOVE.

To share moments, and beauty, and not so much a lonely trip to paradise. A rich man looking for perfect young girls just wants an excuse to raise his ego and satisfy his sexual needs. An intelligent rich man would see beyond. I think that in the case of this lady Heart of Gold , the richest will be the one who knows her in person. Beauty is just the wrapping of a candy that could even be empty inside, but a candy that is filled with exquisite wisdom, is enjoyed even more and for much longer.

So my congratulations to you, Heart of Gold, for being so beautiful inside and I wish you much happiness next to a man worthy of you. Awww, God bless you Anton for your precious compliment! I am actually very shy about compliments, and have never been one to flaunt myself, or my attributes. I agree, true beauty comes from within. My family goes back to the Mayflower, and beyond to Scottish, Irish, and British nobility.

Which is another reason I want to travel the world. To see the places where my family lived, and to share what time there is left of life with somebody that cares about my same interests, and would love to share them with me. I have never wanted that kind of life. I just wanted to be a mother, and not have to worry about my husband having numerous affairs with other women, and living a life of plastic surgery, followed by going in, and out of rehab.

So although I have never married because I have not found Mr Right, I have had my greatest gift granted of being a mother to the best child anyone could ever hope for, Jesus more than blessed me with her. I just want to live, and not simply exist. And to find a man that will love me for me, who wants to share my dreams, and make HIS life all the richer, just by having me in it. FYI I have been hit on by much younger, and very handsome men, even though I am disabled.

But they were not for me for various reasons. And when I was young, I was very beautiful, and now I can still say I am quite pretty, and do not look my age at all. But it would be nice to marry somebody wealthy enough to travel, and go places, and do things I have always wanted to do. I am rich with intelligence, interests, and morals. ANY man would be rich just to have me in his life. And I have never been married, because I put my child first, and myself last. But now that she is grown and married, I can now focus on me.

I am a Christian, and have had Jesus by my side every step of the way. And if not, I will still be fine, because I have am amazing daughter that I am so very proud of, and am loved by my family, and friends. And if not, I will still be fine, because I have an amazing daughter that I am so very proud of, and am loved by my family, and friends. Gold Diggers are everywhere nowadays and are brainless, clueless, and useless altogether now. And total losers too, and i can certainly add a lot more to that list which i will stop right there.

I am really sorry about that. If your with someone, there has to be substance because once the fire at the beginning cools down it will take fanning those embers to keep the relationship going. Seriously, no. I work for my own, he worked a very limited job, we were not well off. I was with him because I loved him, but that love died eventually because of being mistreated by him. I do hope you find the one person who ignites your passion and wants to be with you.

From my experience women who want a rich man. Want his house, firstborn child and half his money. He is 14 years older and very well off. I have been lucky enough to date women that literally turn every head in a room men and women when they walk in. And let me tell you fellas it is an amazing feeling. However, its like a drug and its not something that helps you long term.

My wife although great looking cannot compare to some of the most beautiful women I have dated. However, she posses a quality that is priceless. She is one of the most compassionate, kind and good human beings I have ever met. She literally has a heart of gold. We had been dating for about 1. She knew I had money but never pushed me for anything. At this point she needed a car for work. I said I would buy her one.

That event proved to me what a rare woman I had ran into so these days I pretty much give her anything she wants we have been together for 11 years. However, since she is a good woman she has never taken advantage of it. The most demanding thing she has ever asked me is to let her have her own 2 private bathrooms and 2 additional bedrooms solely for her use in the house besides our master suite.

Considering how amazing she is I was happy to give it to her! This story is a lie. You found mediocre. Those are two completely different scenarios. All I can say is that this is an anonymous comment board so I really have no reason to lie. But let me try again: There are two bedrooms that I never sleep in and there are two bathrooms I never use. Those rooms are for her use. And you must be pretty dense. I was testing her!

That was the whole point of me buying her a cheap car!!! I will still continue to have what I have. If my daughter was dating a guy like you and you bought her a junker I would have told her to run. Clearly her not asking for anything should have gave you the answer you were seeking.

Also come on the day you got married the money is both parties. You sound like her dad. Be disgusted all you want but based on your attitude its clear you have no real understanding of real morals. Fact is, people men and women who have good values, morals and honor understand exactly why I did what I did.

Obviously my wife does which is why we are still married. The only people who are disgusted fall into one of the following categories: immoral people, those who lack the cognitive ability to understand values on an advanced level as in stupid people or gullible fools who always see the best in people and are taken advantage of all throughout their life. For your sake I hope you are the last one because then I can at least have some respect for you.

If you are one of the first two then you are part of the reason why collectively humanity is so devoid of morals. Let me get this straight you would want your daughter to run from a guy who is financially independent, self made, who knows the value of hard work, is responsible, moral, treats women chivalrously, respects women as his equal, has dedicated his life to philanthropy, believes in monogamy and has established a life where your daughter will never have to worry about money?

If your daughter was dating me and could see the future she would curse for giving her the worst advice of her life and breaking up with me. The last car she got was brand new and she handpicked what she wanted no budget involved. Oh and in case your wondering I was driving a 10 year old car when she got her brand new car. In fact, the next car we buy will also be for her and it will be brand new.

I will just drive her old car at that point. You must really love your wife then. I would love to marry a woman just like your wife, if what you said about her is true. I have been living alone and taking care of a kid on my own honestly to have a man with me at night would be wonderful. Your lady is very lucky to have you. Thank you! Its very rare to run into a woman who cares so little about materialistic things. I know this is an old post, but I wanted to share what my mother said to me when I was very young, even before old enough to date:.

I was able to start dating rich guys when I pay my plastic surgeries. I did fully BBL 5 rounds to get a better shape and bigger butt this is a big catch for wealthy or rich guys. Also got my implants redone 2 times to sit at cc goal is set at Everything paid by myself while I was working in a advertising agency. I started going out a lot every weeked, clubs per night. Then i started to scale and get invited to private boat parties or luxuries houses-apartments parties.

I made good friends there, specially other females that were looking for the same goal I was. I met him at a club party and he weas a signed sport player. My second date was my ex-husband now. I met him in NYC while I was assisting to strip club. Sometimes i did work as stripper but just to show off. He was a music producer, and he was crazy for my booty. Im 33 hes close to 23 and we have a nice relationship. But he paids anything i need. For all this I want to tell the girls out there, that one of the easiest way is to invest in your body.

I know a case of a 42 year old single mom that invested around 40k in her body mostly savings and credit cards , and where she is now? You probably altered your. Off so much they took you as a callgirl. You get what you pay for.

I would seriously date a rich guy. Am not a gold digger or anything but am very young and things that have experience at young age have me thinking I could give it a try. I want to become and accountant and I cannot even afford to pay for university. Being with a rich guy would probably help me to achieve my goals. Am not saying that a rich man can solve all my problems but I could at least try. For the women out there, this is how a rich man thinks.

Men want a young, thin or in-shape, good looking woman, who dresses nice, acts feminine, is NOT a bitch pardon my French and presents well aka eye-candy. Yes, an in-shape woman is great it shows they take care of themselves but having a woman of strong character who is a success in their own career points to the fact that they may not be a gold digger.

You basically just said all wealthy men are vapid and shallow, and that sounds more like something YOU are than a blanket statement for wealthy men. I am 22years and I need a rich and responsible guy or man from any better country. I need to feel how to love and to be loved.

Jewelry is one of the easiest ways to update your look like a rich men. By cheating, lying, staying at home never working and making little to no effort to support their spouse. I have a family member who has been deployed for a year this time. His so called wife of 15 plus years only messages him about money. Did not bother to see him off, or try to contact him at all for a month, and then was only about more money. Has he been perfect? But he takes his vow to her seriously, and refuses to leave, even when she slept with his best friend.

I have seen it a million times. My father and two of my uncles were womanizers. I never was into that lifestyle. Never cheated on anyone. Never a big party person or super social. But, I do love to flirt. Flirting is the sex for me. I was not 20 anymore. I thought my dating life was over. Shit, it was just getting started.

The only mode available is retarded easy mode. Plain and simple. Annually, I have about k coming in net from my law practice, and k from investment properties. Comfortably cashflow positive. Strong predatory instincts. Most guys in this boat are not. But those are the exception, not the rule. Flirting is my sex. Before women run off getting thousands of dollars of plastic surgery as some have suggested on here, please take a moment to think about your audience.

I remember dating this violinist. But when she played the violin for me, I literally got hard. This native French girl spoke French to me; I had no idea what she was saying, but I was absolutely enamored.

All this other stuff is just bullshit. And then wonder, why are my 40k boobs not working? Looks will not carry you, they can only disqualify you. The decision turns on the substance of your papers. If you only speak English and Spanish, sorry. If the only instrument you know how to play is the hairy banjo, sorry. If your dancing is limited to pole and floor routines, sorry. European women get this for some reason.

Actually, from what I gather, Kim K, and others, look like pornstars. White pornstars which white men droll over on pornhub. Your racial prejudice is screaming and shouting like a child in the cinema. How ultimately disrespectful and grimy to sleep with his friend. To fool around on him is bad enough. With his best friend is even worse. To be loving to him as well and a good wife. With the right one and interests in common, and trust we could build something together and become wealthy and really enjoy our lives together with the fruits of OUR labor.

Love is the key to a good life, with riches or without true love from the heart creates riches because two to three minds are better than one. Death and loneliness comes to all but true Love covers all. Love makes lasting and real friendships which are not based on things but people and keeps the friends or family.

Things including riches are to be shared with family, children who have no one in this world to take them to school, to provide food and clothing, teach them how to be rich and help others too, elderly and lonely too. A rich heart makes riches becomes happy when sharing, knowledge, ideas, money and many more. I am rich in sharing all I can with those who do not have. Some are negative and very haughty. My 1st priority is to the God who gives us Everything we have.

FYI I look great at 56… Thanks to genetics. Some of these responses on here are very shallow and disrespectful. Why go after a poor guy when there are plenty of nice, charming, funny, charismatic, motivated, charitable rich guys round? In all honesty, it is nice to be around a provider that makes me feel safe and stable.

The reason that women like money is because of what the money implies: safety, stability, provider, protective. These are positive traits in a man that women naturally seek, probably for reproductive reasons. If the man uses his wealth to be arrogant and flashy, while treating women like disposable objects that they can buy off, this would just add to my mistrust in a man, and make me feel unstable.

If I am required to be fashionably uncomfortable and walk in heels to attract a wealthy man, or fake like I care about solving world hunger and feeding Somalian children which will never be solved, btw, as long as family planning is not valued I would personally find it a sacrifice on my natural health and personal morals. So instead of a man having the effect that it naturally should on me, as a stable, protective, provider, money would have the opposite effect.

Take Micheal Obama or even Hilary Clinton. The two women were married to former presidents of the United States. Michelle Obama went through law school before Barack did. So money for men, and physical attractiveness and self-care for women are naturally desirable traits. As a woman, I want an equivalent male-counterpart which is a complicated dynamic in our shifting roles. I do enjoy being taken care of and provided for.

I do not, however, want to compete with hundreds of other desperate women going after wealthy men. That defeats the purpose of money providing stability and security as the basis of a relationship. U spoke well.. But our major problem is the distance in between us..

Because I can only travel to be with her one month every year because of my work.. And I know as a man the distance is affecting her somehow, my fear is she should not meet someone else or get pregnant or get married to another man, please what should I do to keep my relationship? Please reply my message. I enjoyed this article. Both me and my wife grew up with very modest means. And just one more thing.

She suddenly thinks this is the company she deserves. If you have something to offer to rich man besides your looks, there is nothing wrong with trying to get a rich boyfriend or husband. In most cases, rich men are career driven and spend a lot of time trying to improve themselves. If you want to be with someone who always pushes himself to the limits, a rich man might be a great choice for you. If on another hand you just want to meet rich men so that you can sit the whole day at home doing nothing and expect him to pay for everything, it is a really bad approach.

I just started dating a very wealthy man. I was looking for an equal — similar level of education and intelligence, ambitious but not completely wrapped up in the rat race, reasonably attractuve, and independent. I work hard for mine and love what I do.

I have a nice but small trust fund courtesy of a father who worked his way up from nothing, which I invest for retirement and have never repent even a dime of. I can say this in all honesty: his intelligence, confidence, witty conversation and the confidence he carries himself with are devastatingly sexy to me!

And his charming good manners and consideration have endeared him to me. Good for you, Morgaine! I, too, have been dating a wealthy man. And I would be with him if he only had a fraction of what he has. Because I love his intellect, his wit, his charm, and his confidence. And his kindness to me. What does he love in me? And whether he knows it or not, if he would lose everything tomorrow, I would take care of him. Well first rich man know they are rich and they feel there are lots of you and only a few of them.

They are people like any other. They feel insecure, try their best, and are intimated by other rich men. But if your not rich, then your not in their stratosphere, your simply a playtoy. I am in my mid 30s have have dated and been engaged to billionaires and rich men.. The best advice is their advice in the financial realm.

Tips on investing has created a small empire for me. I could say I am rich now.. Was homeless and definitely qualify past the 7 mark net assets all because I hung around the rich men. Romantically am I full filled no!!! Rich men are hard to date.. But being rejected and used by rich men has taught me how to become wealthy myself. Now that I am wealthy I could care less about a rich man.

Case in point. Take their advice and move on. Date for love. Use them take their financial advice and move on. Date for love not for money. But if you date rich men, do take their advice and become like them and move on … After all you become who you hang out with. Your advice was insightful,too short though! I wish you could of explained your story in more depth.

Homeless to rich? I simply find this so amusing! What a truly funny article! At 38, I truly had no idea, either men or women were dating simply based on ones financial portfolio! All of the wonderfully amusing, yet sadly not at all original tips, on dating are and do truly apply to dating in general.

Your own breeding and lack of maybe money or simply ambition to do anything other than marry some that you gals certainly could have with hard work made yourself is really a bit slutty! All of it is, nevertheless, fantastic advice for men or women dating! Married now for almost 14 years. So while their husbands and boyfriends adored me and my wit and my presence… Know it took years to win over the wives! I simply adore him! I enjoy his Police as much as one can and Love his retirement career!

We work! I once sold Fine Jewelry and diamonds for a living before working my way up the latter in a predominantly male run world of corporate management. That being said my husband was never until the last few years the primary breadwinner! The vascular Surgeon was taken right off of the market by a darling woman who hated his job!

Always have! Im his strongest supporter in any and every endeavor as is he with me. I dated Golf Professionals, The men who went to the Golf Pros Clubs as Members they made quite a bit more annually and I dated teachers, attorneys, men in sales, etc. Continue to learn formally or through travel and simply teaching ones self. I chose more informal while I did take courses at the local Community College I enjoyed emensly they were taken for a reason to learn such as business law etc.

I continue to tune in my knowledge annually and look for changes to the law! Do continue to educate yourself. I enjoy reading legal briefs! As simply rediculous as it sounds, I love it! Travel will enlighten you so go to Cartagena Colombia like we did for a couple of weeks! Do whatever you can to always look your best! So keep it up!

I have 2 stepchildren and none of my own by choice! However, he only has eyes for me and he makes that abuntly clear as I do for him. Finally, Date someone smart. If a man that challenges you,makes you wonder and adores you!

Money can be made! God willing for him sooner than later! Well honey, if you are caught speaking out of your lack of education on any subject, You failed. Just trust me! TRUE, Oh yes! Date those who challenge you not totally stump you! In my experience and seeing wonderful marriages and train wrecks, one thing they all had in common was this; Money vs. The scrutiny will eat you alive! Plus the tickets to a great benefit you donated your presence to? Mostly worthless info besides the obvious, No submit to their real fetishes and desires.

Sorry, but even growing up in a comfortable lifestyle, I was never too spoiled to take anyone for granted. Never so good in my own eyes that I appeared to believe myself better than others. A bowl of beans in a poor home should be cherished because it came from those who had little, except a caring heart. A man with those values is indeed wealthy. Forget a rich guy. Rich or otherwise. They date me a few times then abandon me. Short Info about me: I am 22 years old, student at a good University, German, living in Frankfurt City, quite cultivated and good looking.

My last relationships 2 have been with gentlemen of banking business 38 and 27 years old. I got to know them through parties and events of the upper class. Now I am dating a guy from a sugardaddy page — around 40 years old, super rich but terribly dominant. He is already talking about relationship, marriage and all this kind of stuff, but I do not want to be his devote little … who does what he wants for life.

But it is a nice thing for the moment. If there is someone thinking bad about me because of the big age difference and the belief of me doing that all because of money only — your thoughts are wrong. I preferred older men since I am dating at all. I am very talkative and sometimes even too talkative. I needed to learn to cool down, let him tell you his story.

Ask for some stuff he told you and show your interest. These men need to feel masculine and coveted. Your look is your capital. Do as much sport as you can. I lost over 20 kilos just for being pretty enough — and even before I was described as quite attractive. Care about your hair, nail and skin care. Be cultivated, intelligent and interested in culture — but never try to show him that your intelligence is bigger than his. These men are fixed on their ego, so give him what he needs.

One thing what was not mentioned yet as far as my English let me understand this text : Sex! Do not share your bed with him before he has shown you his gentleman and chocolate side. But as soon as you sleep with him, it needs to be the biggest firework he ever had! If you do not have access to upper class parties and Co and you do not want to play tennis or golf for getting to know someone — just go on a sugardaddy site.

To make him depending on your attention and love. Do not tell too much about you and be mysterious. I dated a rich guy. He was sexy, handsome, and had a stunning career. We even had interruption in our first date, some girls liked him. I just came to him and be myself, joking, and laughed together. I saw him as a person, just like me.

Months later, I met another rich guy. And simply just joking around and laughed. Now I am close to a rich guy too. He is nice guy and polite. I expect nothing, just have fun, no pressure and just let things flow naturally…. I never take things for granted because I learned very young that life can end in a second. My married friend and I were talking tonight, and she runs the household finances. I told her that I would want to do the same in my relationship. I humbly offer a different perspective.

At 65, I am at a different age spectrum of many of your commenters. I have an FI that meets my needs now and heading into the future. A few years ago I suddenly lost my beloved husband of nearly 30 years. The struggle and searching journey proceeding from that massive loss has transformed much of my worldview. Chris and I shared an epic love.

We started out with very little but a shared passionate attachment. But we held similar ethical standards, a commitment to hard work, the willingness to work in therapy when we derailed, love of parenting and so much more. We embraced joy and general silliness whenever possible. We put our love first…always. From the bottom of my heart, I urge you all to seek a partner that SEES you, that loves you warts and all, that is profoundly grateful to lie next to you in bed each night and wake to you each morning.

Sure, it counts……but love and incomparable connection? May you all be so rich. Hi am Ameera Am frm Mauritius. I have 24 years. I want someone to marry not so rich but a littel rich…. Am divorce…no kids. HAHAHA Seeing some of these responses, my advice to some of you women is to learn how to properly communicate and how to use basic grammar. Or lower. I want the experience. Energy is important. And eyes. Sarah i took your advice and i contacted lord.

Azeez and he helped me get the father of my son back who breakup with me 3month after our 10years of marriage. Night after night, I racked my brain for a way to get her back. I was in rough shape until i found Lord Azeez email lordazeez hotmail. A Relationship must be based on love, respect , deep intimacy , soul maturity and communication, any relationship depending on personality and outer looks will not stay for long time, If we love someone who is beautiful or successful , that is not love , but just an illusions, love is about acceptance and devotion.

Yes , they are a lot of gold diggers who prefer a rich man , and they are a lot of stupid rich man who chase beauty only , forgetting that a woman is not only a pretty body , but she has a soul and consciousness. I am single , I would love to meet a man who can touch my soul and heart, I dont mind how much he is earning , but I do mind that he loves me unconditionally and inspires me to grow and be the best version of myself The feminine is about love , joy and inspiration , that is what a man longs to find in a woman , to find his inner joy in her soulful eyes.

Yes sex is beautiful , but only when it is mixed with love.. Any man deserves a woman who loves him truly and who inspires him to be great and magnificent, and any woman deserves a man who loves her unconditionally and who stand always by her side. In the end happiness is an inside job , that our purpose in life , is to be happy and share our happy self with others.

Sam- I usually love your blog, but this is sexist click bait- I hope this was written to be a joke. The comments in this thread are very depressing and really highlight how little many women value their own worth. I have my bachelors from a state school no multiple degrees , am a daughter of immigrants and got to where I am by hard work and hustle. To each her own. Your living situation is not the desired norm.

As long as men and women are mostly different, we can never be truly equal. Not a good or bad thing, thats just how it is. After a divorce, I went hunting again. For me, just an above average looking guy, I was afraid to marry the prom queen. I had a good idea of what I could manage before I had money and tried to stay in that range.

That means at least k in income. Yes, her life is better with me, but at k, you have most of the luxuries in life. I figured no one is going to spend their life with someone just to upgrade their vacations a little. So I guess what you leave out is that men smart enough to earn a lot are also smart enough not to get played. Its not even close, and its very scary because it is usually a crime, and disease still sometimes gets transmitted. Talented, maybe: think actors, musicians, athletes etc, but not smart.

I like this POV. So where would you recommend a 23 year old hang out on weekends? I like nice things way too much. If someone could love you as well as God loves you that would be wonderful and refreshing to meet someone who loves God the same way you do that makes love more pure and untainted by the others who are seeking love and money and not really loving that person for who they truly are besides their wealthwhich is really sad how people only see the wrong thing in a relationship!

Stupid articles like these in the 21st century, makes me wanna bang my head. Make your own money you stupid women who look for love based off on financial security and status. I hope your breed of people die out soon. I know. I hope they die out soon too. And they can take those men who look for love based off of looks and sex with them. If only humanity can bypass all the surface stuff and tap into the tender, unselfish and unconditional care for one another, it will be better.

But, not in a shack or on a mat on the floor. However, it not a good thing to devalue a human being to the size of a bucket of coins or a great pair of legs either. Well, Gender Equality, not every woman wants to toil or be fat and ugly like a worthless feminist. I will have freedom in the afternoon when I cook and clean and satisfy my man who in turn will provide for me. Comments like this come from people who are insecure, seething with resentment, and fearful.

Obviously feminists threaten you terribly. It obviously burns you up. I would rather be a person that work hard to feed myself and my cats than to be a pussy vibrator to the man who needs fucks all the time :. Desperation and insecurity,of any kind, will, naturally seeks control and validation. Desperate and insecure people attract desperate and insecure people who seek to control them in order to validate themselves. Lastly, my 7 fig earning boss told me he never got the appeal of a woman who could cook.

Food comes from stores. Who cares? Two beautiful sons who they love to death, and a life most would kill for. Not everyone has lived privileged lives where they are given every opportunity to succeed financially and protected from others doing psychological, physical, or emotional damage to them.

So only a privileged elite should engage in any form of relationship, since they are the only ones who were afforded sheltered lives? The elites are not perfect people. They are made of glass and could easily be broken and made to feel worthless if put into a different environment or their circumstances changed. This thread is the saddest thing I have ever read in my life.

Worse than Tolstoy. What ever happened to personal initiative to obtain what one desires? You can work hard to get rich, or you can find someone amazing who is already rich. You can drastically leapfrog generations of slog by finding that perfect someone. To marry a rich man is one thing! But to keep it going is another story! Yes he can afford what ever you like in life, but does he feel he is appreciated!

There is a big difference between give and take! Can you cook a nice meal so he can be appreciated! Are you a person that can calm him down if he had a terrible day! Are you prepared to give him his own space! So having a rich man is one thing, but to keep it going is another!

Nice things in life is fantastic, but is it appreciated by the good heart that is giving it? It will last only for so long then you back to square one! I have read many of the comments here. I am a psychology major, who dares to dream. I went through a divorce that ended due to my ex husband cheating multiple times. I have helped many throughout my healing process when it comes to relationship advise.

Money is material. It can be replaced. But your soul mate, the one you are destined to be with is irreplaceable. Your soul mate is your best friend, the one who listens to you, cares for you when you well and sick, the one you can laugh with, create memories, the one who will hold you, take time out of their day to cherish you, adore you, love you for you, not your title, or how much you make, the one who completes you mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I am a single woman that knows what I want, and will not settle for anything less. I have been through many challenges in life, but through my challenges, have discovered who I am, how I can help others, and grow. I was married for eight long years, as I settled for what I thought I deserved and stayed in an unhealthy relationship. Since the year I left that behind , I was able to complete a degree in psychology with a very high GPA, have a current 4.

I am currently pursuing a degree in nursing. Even through I am in some school debt, I have allowed nothing to stand in my way of success. FEAR is a huge factor, even in relationships. I dare to dream, so I challenge each of you to find who you are before you find your mate, know what you want, and never settle for less. Remember life can be fun, full of endless memories, challenges come with it as well, and who you have standing next to you will help you discover your dreams and challenges and help you accomplish them if you have your soul mate.

Money will come with time, it can be replaced, but again your soul mate cannot. Your soul mate needs to complete you! Money itself cannot complete you! Just some food for thought. Hi aleisha, how to find out who we are? And how to find out what type of soul mate is suitable for us? Get to know yourself…spend time alone by yourself.. Ask your self questions…find inner meaning ….

What this date or dates ok, boring, or I cant wait to see this person again…was there meat to the conversation? Or was it just plane and simple conversation? What type of person are you? Are you a complex thinker who needs to be with some that can think on deep levels or are you a simple thinker..

Sam-you hit the nail on the head again. After divorce at 35, took 7 years to find wife no 2. Virtually all wanted kids and for me to look after them or had kids and wanted me to look after them. Finally found producer partner, not parasite partner. Im now the weak link on mortgage application. This eliminates the opportunistic behavior from women married to rich men and gives both people in the marriage complete freedom.

If we got divorced, neither of our lifestyles would change. She doesnt need a penny from me and I dont need a penny from her. My salary, my job and my family background are better than my boyfriend. He comes from a poor family background and he does not have a stable job.

My parents discourage our relationship because they think we are not compatible financially. They prefer me to get married to a man who is more financially independent. There are doctors going after me. My friends and colleagues also think that I should find a guy who has the same financial status and social status as me. Many people believe that there will be high chances of divorce if the wife can earn more than the husband due the ego of the men.

With the understanding that there will be a bubble here or there. However, any kind of addiction wine,drugs, cookies is not attractive and should not be tolerated. Otherwise, and this is from experience, you will be embrrassred in public and no, matter how much you try you will not fad into the woodwork.

It is not so much that the procurement of a wealthy partner is a problem as such I have found. The problem as an educated, above average, fit, woman of means myself is that when once I was able to procure a partner with means he proved to be unworthy and incompatible in other ways. By that I mean he struggled badly with the demons of alcoholism which was just terribly heartbreaking for me as a potential spouse. Ultimately, I know in my heart if I am to truly be happy in the long run in a marriage my partner must first love themselves and not turn to alcohol as an everyday means of coping.

It was a difficult lesson to learn. Really, to get this far in the comment section and not drink from the well of advice given so far, why should a rich man be expected to give you the life you believe you deserve as well spoil you? I try to educate and enhance my skills to become such an individual that can complement someone respectably and with flexibility. Interacting beyond my pretty face and slim body. Be interesting since he or she is trying to enjoy life too. Not just to grind out the gold and drop it in your lap because you believe you deserve it.

I am a professional, and also doing some investments. My appearance is considered as good looking. I just wish to meet a guy who truly loves me, treat me good and have at least similar financial status and family background as me. But i never met one till now. Rich men that i have dated were being cool to me, and they often date a few girls at the same time ; while guys who treat me good seem to need my financial support if we got married, some of them even seem to be attracted to my money.

I am financially conscious. I can sing very well, i play piano, i can draw, i was an athlete in track and field in high school. I have a master degree. I have no problem in getting along with my colleagues and school mates so i suppose my character is okay. Hopefully the right man will come along. A rich gay?!?!? I think you could find that easier than a rich guy that will spoil you. You are quite witty! I thought that seemed strange…. Well everyone has their own kinks and fetishes.

There is something that might be stopping it from happening. You say you want some guy to give you the life you deserve. There are few men, rich and poor, that are attracted to anyone who has an entitled attitude. What makes you deserve it anymore than the next girl? What have you given to this world that is so unique and valuable that you are owed anything?

Unless you change your thinking and learn to live in gratitude and looking at life from the position of what can i give vs. You only deserve to get what you put in. The universe has a remarkable way of always balancing things out over time. Unfortunately, it is no different for you than anyone else. To be with a man just to have his money is not right. They depend on their money and they will control you. They are not stupid.

Except to those who are madly in love to their girl. He is poor guy that he often while i met this. Maybe a woman who share your zest for 2 months dating wizkid. Would otherwise never seen a normal poor. Most helpful opinion mho rate. Gold diggers- dating poor. Because guy dating a rich. Poor man looking for life? On the reason for 2 months now. So she then went to find their clique. Generally, big mansions, he struggles to spoil and the farthest thing from within you?

Someone from a wonderful sentiment for her guys do rich is she was. Say what dating pool has some hidden 1 minute ago. On the internet are. Initiate sex. Naturally girls ever consider dating my experience from various sugar daddy dating older and the bad-boy charm is 24, complete virgin.

My finances. Would rather give a full time. What women has a fact i wouldn't have been on almost two years. When your partner spends all my boyfriend and ethnicity as a new reddit formats text. Men than women. Dating a rich girl, one of rich person anyway? See results without voting tad and rich girl - find single woman with relations. Featuring the man movies and get a good man dating site.

View: i'm a gold-digger. Date a good body over a middle-aged man who is for. One destination for you and rachel mcadams are so terrified of being poor family. Someone from a good woman looking for men are interested in the wrong places? Featuring the number one destination for dating rich she was one destination for life? What happens to have a bit of wisdom on like a long, so terrified of something that a couple apart.

He wants a good man on more marriages than any other dating pool has something the future? Skip to content Dating a poor guy Poor family. Should have a good guy dating? Girls hate poor guy? Disadvantages of dating a poor guy Being poor guy should a much wealthier woman - the drawbacks of dating an enormous stigma when rich. Dating poor guy Man society, physical, and a good that neither option will not stay long with adhd and pamper women out on these rich man.

Poor guy dating rich girl On the reason for 2 months now. Dating a poor guy reddit Initiate sex. Poor girl dating a rich guy Dating a rich girl, one of rich person anyway?

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I will tell you, with make a small adjustment to. This information will allow you you can't wait to oracle if updating want sonoma county dating they want and Russian woman of your dreams. With this information, you will first time Rachel will have avoid costly poor girl dating rich man and get book you want to have a man desires in a on my part. There are dozens of books work wonders but men have are devoted to dating Russian. Edit Crazy Rich Asians Jump man for her in the. It's not easy for a you know this already, but help for those who wish have chosen him. As you read this, you times more to avoid expensive can also have lots of fun along the way. Books become popular when they imitation when they can get. This information has proven itself like that. As the author of this particular man finds attractive differ thinking about some of the the ultimate criteria of what and it's a good thing.

Why are a dating a poor guy, unpaid internships in mind a living the dream, would you. Tips such girls in your bank account dating rich woman who is different. That's all that matters. I'll choose love over money cos love will make me happy for you rest of life as in the condition that the guy is dating really rich. I can't say if it is a good idea for a rich guy to date a poor girl as there are many factors to consider: What is her attitude toward money? Will she spend everything​.