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Dolph ziggler dating list

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Who is Dolph Ziggler dating? Many famous women have dated Nic Nemeth, better known in the ring as Dolph Ziggler, and this list will give you more details about these lucky ladies. If you're wondering who his wife is, he's never married!

These ladies come in all shapes and sizes, but what they all have in common is that they're all women that Dolph Ziggler has either dated or linked up with. It's not hard to get jealous of these women that Dolph Ziggler has gone out with, so try your hardest to contain your envy.

More Amy Schumer. More Kelly Kelly. Dana Brooke. Ashley Mae Sebera is an American bodybuilder, fitness competitor, model, and professional wrestler. Amy Schumer. American comedienne Amy Schumer and Dolph Ziggler dated in Nemeth was called up to the Raw roster shortly afterwards, making his television debut on the September 19, , episode of Sunday Night Heat. After a few months of wrestling in dark matches and at house shows , he was sent back to OVW. Nemeth became a part of The Spirit Squad faction, a group of five wrestlers who used the in-ring personas of male cheerleaders, and adopted the name Nicky in OVW during late The heel McMahon brought in the Squad to attack Michaels on numerous occasions, including placing them in multiple handicap matches.

The match never started, however; instead the Spirit Squad attacked Michaels, and, as part of the storyline , shattered his knee with a steel chair. The group disbanded on the November 27 episode of Raw , when they were defeated in a five-on-three handicap match by DX and Flair. In a backstage segment later that night, DX placed all members into a crate stamped "OVW, Louisville, Kentucky ", a reference to the developmental territory from which the Squad had come. On September 15, , Nemeth re-debuted on Raw as a heel , introducing himself in a backstage segment under the name "Dolph Ziggler".

He again failed to win the Intercontinental title from Morrison twice, wrestling him to a double countout on the November 13 episode of SmackDown and losing a two-out-of-three falls match the following week to end the feud. In June , he began a romantic storyline with Vickie Guerrero , who began accompanying him to the ring. His original rookie, Novak, was the first rookie eliminated later that night. However, Long interrupted Ziggler's ceremony and accused Guerrero of orchestrating the attack, prompting Guerrero to reveal Ziggler as the attacker and Long to rehire Edge.

Long also gave Edge a rematch against Ziggler, who lost the championship back to Edge [78] and was then fired by Long. On the March 7 episode of Raw , Ziggler was introduced as the newest member of the Raw roster, and defeated John Morrison in a singles match; Ziggler was accompanied by Guerrero, who had also been fired from SmackDown , but she was forced to earn her spot on the Raw roster.

Ziggler beat United States Champion Kofi Kingston in a non-title match on the May 30 episode of Raw , leading to a championship match at Capitol Punishment which Ziggler won via a sleeper hold submission to earn his first United States Championship. After Jack Swagger suggested to Guerrero that she should manage him in addition to Ziggler, a jealous Ziggler teased tension with Swagger.

Ziggler then began feuding with John Cena after he sided with Vickie Guerrero to help defame Cena and AJ Lee by alleging they had a romantic relationship. Ziggler then attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on Big Show after Show was assaulted by Sheamus, but he was attacked by Cena before the match could start.

During the match, Ziggler resumed his feud with the returning Chris Jericho whom Ziggler managed to eliminate. On the following Raw , Ziggler ended his relationship with AJ due to her actions the previous night and AJ exacted revenge by costing Ziggler a non-title match against Del Rio, then she attacked Ziggler and unleashed Langston on him. Ziggler was later unsuccessful in capturing the United States Championship , when he lost to Dean Ambrose , at Night of Champions [] and on the October 16 episode of Main Event , ending their feud.

On the October 28, , episode of Raw , Ziggler and John Cena shook hands together backstage, which The Authority interpreted as a deal to plot against them. As a result, Ziggler was put in a match against Kane , which Ziggler won. Ziggler then joined Team Cena at Survivor Series. Ziggler contributed to Rusev being counted out, then after all his teammates were eliminated, he pinned Kane and Luke Harper.

Triple H twice prevented Ziggler from pinning final opponent Seth Rollins, but the debuting Sting provided an assist to help Ziggler win the match, thus ousting the Authority from power. After Barrett then attacked and injured Ziggler's shoulder, Kane declared the match as two-out-of-three falls , Barrett proceeded to defeat Ziggler for the title after Kane distracted him. Ziggler became involved in an on-screen love affair with Lana , the former manager of Rusev , when she kissed him at Raw on May 25, with Lana serving as Ziggler's valet during his matches.

Ziggler entered the Royal Rumble as the 28th entrant, lasting 7 minutes, but was eliminated by the eventual winner, Triple H. After WrestleMania 32, Ziggler went to a double countout with Baron Corbin on the April 4 episode of Raw , leading to Corbin hitting an End of Days outside of the ring to Ziggler, igniting a feud in the process. Ziggler won the match, but was attacked afterwards by Wyatt and Erick Rowan , who also laid out Dean Ambrose when he attempted to save Ziggler.

On the January 3, , episode of SmackDown , after he lost to Baron Corbin, Kalisto came to the save of Ziggler during a post match assault by Corbin, he superkicked Kalisto, turning heel for the first time since Following the match, Ziggler attacked the victors, stomping on Crews' ankle after placing it in a chair.

After some time away from TV, Ziggler returned on the August 22 edition of SmackDown Live to declare that he would undergo a gimmick change on the following week's edition. Ziggler believed that fans only cared about elaborated entrances, and not about the in-ring performances, where he claimed he was the best. Ziggler returned at the Royal Rumble on January 28, , as the surprise 30 entrant in the men's Royal Rumble match.

After losing the last match, Strowman turned on Ziggler and attacked him, before being attacked by McIntyre. After this, Ziggler was off television until his appearance at the Royal Rumble match at the titular event as participant number 28, eliminating McIntyre and lasting until the final three, before being eliminated by Braun Strowman.

At the same time, Ziggler entered a feud with Otis over the affections of Mandy Rose , where Ziggler used underhanded tactics to secure a Valentine's Day date and short-term relationship. Sports Illustrated described Ziggler as "phenomenal in the ring, with the ability to carry an entertaining match with practically anyone on the WWE roster.

His mic work is top-notch Ziggler's most commonly utilized finishing maneuvers are a jumping reverse bulldog , [] known as the Zig Zag , [] [] as well as a superkick. In the early stages of his career, Ziggler was introduced to the audiences as a sidekick with a caddie gimmick. This, however, lasted only a few weeks, because Chavo Guerrero aborted his golfer gimmick after the death of his uncle. To ensure their characters were believable, they trained with real cheerleaders and gymnasts.

After the disbanding of the Spirit Squad he was again sent back to developmental, where he and fellow Spirit Squad member Mike Mondo tweaked the gimmick into a jock and fraternity based new gimmick, now going by the name of "Frat Pack". By , he was repackaged as Dolph Ziggler, a bleached-bonde, self-absorbed narcissist. Debuting as a heel, Ziggler repeatedly declared himself as "perfection" and would display an extremely arrogant attitude, while at the same time using dirty tactics.

When he turned face in , his character shifted towards a man out to prove himself and never giving up. In September , Ziggler would begin a new short-lived gimmick where he would come out to the entrance themes and dress as other popular wrestlers and legends to irritate the crowd. This lasted a few months. In , Ziggler performed stand-up comedy for the first time in a small venue in Los Angeles and began getting offers to perform at various comedy clubs nearby WWE events.

At this point he had been studying comedy almost ten years in preparation for a comedy career. In , Ziggler started seriously moonlighting in stand-up, while still wrestling for WWE. His first major shows he used the big WWE events to piggyback on, due to there being a lot of wrestling fans in the area.

He would take a break from WWE television to focus on the tour. A new episode of WWE Download was uploaded every Monday until the show ended on January 28, , after 53 episodes but returned for one time only on September 30, As of , he has appeared on the show close to 10 times.

Nemeth resides in Phoenix, Arizona. Nemeth has two brothers. Nemeth is good friends with his former Spirit Squad teammates, particularly Michael Brendli , with whom he lived in Florida until Their relation was later called off because Schumer considered Nemeth "too athletic. Nemeth is fluent in American Sign Language. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Dolph Zigler.

This is the latest accepted revision , reviewed on 10 April American professional wrestler. Main article: The Spirit Squad. Dolph Ziggler, the winner The crowds always get behind him for the start, no matter how many false teases there are, and then a few weeks later, the company always takes him back down. Dolph Ziggler's character is dead. He used to get a great pop coming out, but now the fans are conditioned to know that he's gone as far as he'll ever go, so they sit on their hands when his music hits now.

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