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Dating takamine guitars

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Takamine guitars are Japanese-produced guitars of mid-level quality and affordable prices.

Dating expectations vs reality This site is published by Hitsquad Pty Ltd. I also have an Model SSE. Thus, your guitar would be the 14th one made on December 11, After looking up that number in some arcives i found out that the guitar was built in This might give you some clue as to the day in the month it was made but not an accurate one?
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Dating takamine guitars Did you ever find out any information on it? I assume the has a rectangular preamp that is in the side of the body, rather than the shoulder. Bring it flowers and ask it to dinner, that might get you a date. I just bought a takamine on a gamble at a flea market. Can anyone tell me what the serial number reveals about the guitar. Home About Contact Privacy Policy.

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Takamine guitars are Japanese-produced guitars of mid-level quality and affordable prices. Rather than model names, Takamine guitars are given numbers for identification. Finding and identifying these numbers can help you determine the model of your Takamine guitar, as well as important information regarding the date your guitar was created. Find well-lit area where you will be able to see inside the body of your Takamine.

You will look through the soundhole beneath the strings. There should be an ink-stamped label with information regarding your guitar. Identify the top set of numbers inked on the label inside your guitar. You will see an eight digit number located here. The first two digits indicate the year your guitar was made, the second two digits represent the month, the third set of digits represent the day, and the last two digits indicates which number your guitar was manufactured as on that particular day.

Can you help in any way to figure out just what I have??? I have a Takamine which serial number is I don? I can say that that it? Could you guess which model is my guitar and it? I have an older model that I bought used probably 30 years ago but am trying to find out more information about it like model number etc.

Thanks for your help. Serial no. My understanding from its serial number it was made October of and the th made that month. It was a return that had been marked down. There is no mention of this particular model on Takamines website.

I have a Goya jumbo guitar but inside it says Takamine serial number I was wondering if you could help me out to find more about my guitar. I bought my Takamine in as a 17yo and still have it. The serial number is so obviously a May built guitar and the th instrument that month. Is there any way to identify the guitar from the serial number?

Thanks, Ben. I just bought a takamine on a gamble at a flea market. The tag on inside of the sound hoLe says takamine made in japan. Please help. I own a Takamine guitar EF serial number can someone tell me the date and year. Again, the first 2 numbers give the year, the next 2 give the month, and the last numbers show its place in the guitars prduced that month.

So it was the st guitar produced in Decembef of I have a FS-F serial number The pick up just died. It had the battery holder mounted inside the guitar covering the serial number. Do you know what the F stands for please and is the pick up still available. I have a beautiful Takamine that i cant seem to figure out the exact modle. Its G series with the modle number: EGC. The serial number is: Im extremely confused by this and would greatly appreciate any help. Can someone help me with my takamine guitar,I bought it new a long time ago.

Also any other information someone might have about it. The serial number is, There is also another number stamped on the inside opposite the sound hole, that is,. Well, its a left handed FS, made September Current value is what someone is willing to pay. EGC sn I love this Guitar the sound is wonderful. The Pre. Amp went out cant find a guitar shop that can order me a new one an you help me please earnie.

I assume the has a rectangular preamp that is in the side of the body, rather than the shoulder. You cant replace them, but you can have it rebuilt. I just acquired a C classical in nearly pristine condition. The serial number is Not sure if the 50 was inverted or not, but if the year is accurate, then this sweet guitar would have been produced the last year before Takamine started shipping worldwide? Hi, I need a little help. The serial number inside my Takamine is There is no model anywhere on the guitar.

How do I find the model from the serial number? Normally model number you can see through the sound hole. Wonder if the label has come off? May have to find a site or send a pic to Takamine and they may have an answer for you. I have a Takamine classical guitar Model tg 60 R stamped an the Tak label with serial on the neck block I cannot find any info on this guitar.

Hello, I have a Takamine acoustic guitar that I bought new in The Serial Number is I understand the year, month and sequence number, but no where can I find a Model Number. Several people have asked me the Model Number. Do you know what it is? Thanks, Jonathan. Thats not a D Annette. Maybe a 0. More than likely made June Spruce top with a 3 piece rosewood back.

Trying to date a Takamine EGC Any help appreciated. I have a Tan 45c serial number is I think according to your system it was manufactured in October but not sure of the as your examples seem to have a zero where the first 1 is, Kind regards Andy Spivey UK.

I have a takamine efmb serial and i cannot have any information about it.