Protect Your Family From Slippery Floors

While mankind has sent a car into orbit, invented the computers and more impressive matters, nobody has yet figured out a way to make a 100% non-slip floor. No matter how much effort you undergo to ensure a non slippery surface, you can still be unlucky and slip on the floor regardless of the material it is made of.

But there is much that can be done to make sure that the risk is reduced to a minimum.

Non-slip flooring

Some materials become more slippery than others when wet. Here we will concentrate on the materials that cause families and businesses the biggest problems when their floors are wet.

Materials such as tiles, clinker, ceramics, stone, marble, granite, enamel and similar materials are experientially known to the materials people typically seek advice and guidance on the part of tile experts when it comes to finding solutions to skid resistance.

And within each group, it depends on how the surface is processed. Many manufacturers are advertising that they manufacture non-slip tiles. But it is a truth with modifications. You can eliminate the danger of progressing significantly, but there will always be a risk of slipping and falling on a wet floor.


For several years, in the United States and some European countries, nanotechnology has been used to protect itself from the dangerously wet smooth tiles in both homes and businesses.

Many of the treatments that have previously been used for skid resistance have obvious drawbacks. Some have chosen to lay mats in relevant places on the exposed floors, others have chosen a solution, where you apply a special paint mixed with small grits, and others have chosen to use a non-slip coating to be glued to the floor. In the last two cases, the original appearance of the flooring is sacrificed to safety.

The fact that in many cases the coatings are worn down quickly and must be re-treated is another argument for applying the new technique.

The benefits of the product are obvious. The product safeguards by going into a chemical connection with the tiles or clinker. Thus, it is not a coating that wears off and the treated area will retain its slip resistance for many years.

The product creates small microscopic  crystals that are at least as durable as the floor you are treating. It is invisible to the naked eye, and there are no odours in the treatment. An additional benefit is that you can enter the treated area immediately after stopping treatment. The product is environmentally friendly and easy to clean.


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