Saving Money On Your Heating Bill

These last two winters have been really hard for the wallet handling the heating bills. The prices of fuel, petrol and diesel have all risen, and it does not seem immediately to fall again. Along with that the rise of electricity costs also add on that, so here is a few concrete tips to save on your heating bill.

Save on the heat use

Overall, it is about thinking about when you turn on the radiators and use heat in the house. Often we use quite a lot of heat completely unnecessarily. If you think a little about it is therefore possible to save a lot of money on your heating bill. And in a time when newspapers are reporting ever more on global warming, perhaps now is a good time to consider joining.

Here are some small quick tips and tricks to save heat:

  • Take short baths – long hot baths are great sins on the heating bill
  • Turn down the heat when you’re at work – there’s no need to have a nice hot house when you’re on a job.
  • Wear more clothes and have a general lower temperature – every time you screw 1 degree down you save 5% so screw up a degree or two down.
  • Turn off the heat at night and use a thick duvet – there is no need to sleep without a duvet in a warm room, put yourself down under a nice warm duvet and have it a little colder in the house.
  • Make sure that there is no air in the radiators – it is a good idea to make sure that there is no air in the radiators so that they become more efficient.

Buy Cheap

One of the best advice to save on heating bills is to find inexpensive heating oil for your guy. Uno-X is, for example, a very good choice at the lower end of heating oil suppliers.


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