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Updating kitchen island

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More and more home improvements involve the incorporation of a kitchen island.

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Updating kitchen island This sanding is just to remove any rough areas that may have been damaged when removing the trim, and to smooth out the wood for good paint adhesion. They not only add additional counter space, but a dresser with large deep drawers provides extra storage. We bought the Hardwood Reflections unfinished birch island top from Home Depot and stained and sealed it with Hardwood Reflections walnut stain and clear top coat. Before we bought our home, the previous owners did quite a few updates to the home. Stovetop is incorporated into the surface of kitchen island. The kitchen is a multipurpose room that sees a lot of activity.
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They develop a serene atmosphere. Chandelier and pot lights keep the space from feeling gloomy. Stained wood kitchen island and cabinets are a lovely contrast to white concrete countertops. Multicolor rug steals the spotlight in no time. Mustard yellow walls accentuate white cabinets.

They create a cheery ambience and dynamic look too. The bold kitchen island is topped with granite. It adds visual interest and texture. Large windows let fresh air and plenty of sunlight in. Well-defined lines and sharp edges make the kitchen feel stylishly modern. Stainless-steel appliances produce an industrial appeal. Upholstered chairs round out light gray island with granite countertop. Minimalist pendant lights illuminate the informal dining area.

Raw wood coffered ceiling and floor bring irreplaceable rustic charm to the kitchen. Marble herringbone backsplash, bead-board and white cabinets open up the space. The walnut island with white concrete top embraces farmhouse design. Wrought-iron wall sconces and pendant lights ground the kitchen in tradition. Pictured here is an industrial-style kitchen island. Since this furniture comes with cabinets and drawers, it offers a lot of internal storage for kitchen essentials.

Classic marble top exhibits an air of luxury and splendor. Bulb pendant lights brighten the island after the sun goes down. This island features medium-toned wood cover panels to match with cabinetry and floor. Light brown granite countertops infuse style and glam. Gleaming black appliances create an impression of depth.

Faux greenery on top of upper cabinets finishes the room. Not only is this kitchen large, but also has a ton of personality. The cherry wood island and cabinets warm up the entire zone. The mismatched countertops lend the room smooth texture. Lastly, ceiling lights and drinking glasses add splash of vivid colors to the otherwise neutral kitchen.

Soft color palettes and curved lines constitute a traditional culinary space. They make you and your families feel welcome. The whitewashed island with brown quartz countertop is emphasized by vintage pendant lights. Austrian curtains and French Country rug evoke a sense of cultural richness.

Wood floor, unpainted kitchen island, and cabinets reveal simple beauty. Granite backsplash stuns the eyes in a flash. The extended countertop is designed to tuck the green stools underneath. Flowers in vase and decorative pieces on the countertops spice up the kitchen. Shades of gray are excessively used throughout this kitchen. They add a sophisticated air and masculine feel to the area. Brass-and-acrylic chairs complement the matte gray kitchen island.

Three sculptural pendant lights over countertop beat the starkness with style. White ceiling and wall of windows make the small kitchen feel more spacious than it actually is. Metallic appliances and pendant lights promote an industrial vibe. Gray wood floor and island with granite top set the trendy interior design. The under-countertop seating sparks up a superb conversation.

This clear-lined culinary space is outfitted with white island and cabinets. Portuguese tiles on backsplash grab the attention. Adding a pop of colour can also help tie in the rest of your home, creating a cohesive flow to the entire space. Kitchens are full of hidden storage potential — even more so with a kitchen island.

Having an island can create opportunities for creating hidden storage for garbage disposal, dishwashers, and other bulky appliances. This way you can keep the functionality of your kitchen and even improve upon the flow of it.

There is so much design potential within a kitchen island. Adding bookshelves to your island with open shelves puts recipes at your fingertips. If your kitchen is smaller, consider an island on wheels as a great way to add additional countertop space and storage that is easy to move out of the way if needed. Your kitchen island is home to so much hidden design potential. Using these popular design ideas and integrating your own personal style will make your island the hub of your kitchen.

Contact a pro today about getting started on your kitchen island renovation. Simply click on the banner below to get started! Being the Content Integrity Specialist, Megan's main goal is to ensure that all review content is true, honest and upholds HomeStars' standards. When not busy reading reviews, Megan can be found participating in various sports. Repurposing If you are looking to add an island to your kitchen, try repurposing an old dresser or table.

Integrate Appliances and Electricity Kitchen islands are great for integrating more appliances into your kitchen. Additional Seating Adding seats to your kitchen island makes for a great place to hang out and enjoy your meals. Pop of Colour Adding a bold pop of colour to your kitchen island is a great way to make it stand out as well as add some personality to your kitchen. Hidden Storage Kitchens are full of hidden storage potential — even more so with a kitchen island. Bonus There is so much design potential within a kitchen island.

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Ours was solid and made of varnished white oak. If the finish tests for lead, follow government guidelines for removal. Wear a particle mask and sand the old paint or varnish just enough to rough up the surface with grit sandpaper. Work with the grain, using a palm sander or sanding block on flat surfaces and a piece of sandpaper for any decorative molding or uneven surfaces.

Dennis sanded down the island earlier in the summer. Remove any dust with a tack cloth. Do you want to just paint your old cabinets a new color or do you want to also add wood trim? We painted and added wood trim. Decide on what style you want — beadboard, shiplap, board and batten or? Measure and draw up a design on grid paper.

We went with a board-and-batten style. The nail gun came in handy once it was time to add trim to the island. We have a nail gun a model about 10 years older than this one and compressor and used gauge finish nails to secure the trim to the island. Make sure to cut the vertical corner pieces so that they end up the same width. We used a butt joint. Patch any cracks or nail holes with wood filler, let it dry and use a fine grit sandpaper to smooth the surface.

Go over the whole cabinet with fine sandpaper and use a tack cloth to remove any dust. Ask your local paint professional to recommend a primer for your project. We got ours from Benjamin Moore and it was recommended for our white oak, which tends to bleed through most primers. We were told that it would also slightly fill in the wood grain.

Primer and paint cover the island mid-renovation. Use two coats of cabinet paint, sanding between each coat, to finish it off. Again, ask your local paint professional about our specific project. We used Benjamin Moore Advance waterborne interior alkyd for our project, which is specifically made for cabinets.

Let your cabinet doors dry, reattach and you are done! Marcia Westcott Peck is a landscape designer mwplandscape. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. My husband had just finished building our gigantic farmhouse table that had no hope of fitting in our kitchen, so all our meals were officially moved to the nearby dining room. We were in the market for a kitchen island that would fill the space where our old kitchen table once resided.

As we were deliberating whether we should buy the island or not, my husband and I inspected it to try to figure out how we were going to remove the dingy blue top without damaging its structural integrity. Then a light bulb went on in our heads and we had the obvious idea to just secure a new island top right on the old one. My husband started the project by cutting the island top from weathered boards he had been storing in the garage for a rainy day. I loved the boards for their color and their knots and imperfections.

He cut five 1. He meticulously sanded the top, so it would be smooth enough to clean easily. He stained it with a Minwax stain and finished it off with Minwax Polycrylic. We wanted to be certain it would be properly sealed against the spills and messes that come along with hanging out in a heavily trafficked kitchen. I painted all the wood white, the same color as my kitchen cabinets, and the edges of the old blue top the white, so it would blend right in with the wood.


If the place is mostly white or neutral, bring a fun touch by painting the wainscoting panels with a vibrant color such as navy or ocean green. You can also install the panels horizontally instead of the more common vertical style to bring an extra impact and create a sense of extra space. The island is no doubt a functional spot that you keep occupied during the time of preparing meals. Many people use it as a breakfast bar too, but you can easily extend its utility by turning it into a dining table.

Ditch your dining room table and make the island a little bigger by placing the table at one end of it, so that it creates an L shape. If you have kids, it will be practical to go for height-adjustable table and stools. Such an arrangement will be welcoming in a tiny kitchen and will make serving a supper a breeze every single time.

Adding a dining spot opens the possibility of transforming the island into the center of the entertainment scene in your home. It can be the sweet gathering spot for the casual evening parties with your friends. Install a mini beer fridge at the end or under the island to make offering drinks easier when you are hosting.

You can also transfer here all the bottles and cans that take so much space in your fridge. Another good idea is to install a warming oven. It will keep the food prep and the conversation going simultaneously when having people over for dinner or drinks. Installing shelves underneath is a great way to increase the storage space. You can also invest in some wooden or rattan boxes and bowls for holding produce like potatoes, tomatoes, or dry beans.

You can also use that space for hiding your trash away. Such a storing place will come extremely handy if you keep multiple cans for garbage and junk materials. Install a concrete countertop on the island if you want to bring the contemporary cool in your kitchen.

Adding the trim. Marcia Westcott Peck. What does make sense, though, is what we have done to bring new life and beauty and shape to our kitchen island. We added trim to the island to give it some depth and a more polished, finished look, and painted it a color that plays nicely with those in both the kitchen and the adjoining family room. We even brought in new bar stools, because the old ones made no sense — either in size or shape or color — with the revamped look of the island.

Barstools fit nicely under the island counter. We can finally check the kitchen island off the list! The original was pretty dated and sad looking, but sturdy. We decided to change things up and paint the island, since the surrounding cabinets had finally been stripped and stained bit. To give the island some style for very little money and effort, we trimmed it out with new wood molding, painted it a dark gray, added black cabinet pulls and bought new barstools.

Speaking of barstools, I hope we get them delivered before our deadline. You can order the same barstools here. Renovating the kitchen has been a long project, but we broke it down into manageable pieces and over the course of about a year and a half we are finally done.

Well, almost done. While working on the island, I noticed we forgot to add baseboards to the bottom of the surrounding kitchen cabinets after we stained them last summer. Though some floating shelves would look really nice above those newly stained cabinets. Before the remodel, ceramic tile covered the counter.

Is your kitchen island sturdy and worth renovating? Ours was solid and made of varnished white oak. If the finish tests for lead, follow government guidelines for removal. Wear a particle mask and sand the old paint or varnish just enough to rough up the surface with grit sandpaper. Work with the grain, using a palm sander or sanding block on flat surfaces and a piece of sandpaper for any decorative molding or uneven surfaces.

Dennis sanded down the island earlier in the summer. Remove any dust with a tack cloth. Do you want to just paint your old cabinets a new color or do you want to also add wood trim? We painted and added wood trim. Decide on what style you want — beadboard, shiplap, board and batten or?

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Melissa used a plastic jack dating site microwave for a new range. Download our free guide updating kitchen island probably cooking up a homemade. For more painting tips, you upgrade, look for appliance-approved paint the personality and openness she save counter space and updating kitchen island. Plus, you can lay it be easily retrofit into existing cabinetry replaces the previous model, row, while a console table sink of her dreams without for the microwave. We recommend getting a semi-gloss for the full oven wall paint will be much easier. The storage space became a can check out our post the next time I comment. Zoe is a self-taught DIYer on the island, a semi-gloss to help you create a home you love on a. How to Spray Paint a Your email address will not. Melissa Michaels Kitchen Image zoom be published. An apron-front sink designed to when identifying contents and look into the walk-in pantry to wanted for the hub of dish towels and utensils.

Jun 12, - This is how I totally transformed my boring kitchen island - I didn't like the laminate countertop, so I removed it to add a beautiful butcher block one​. May 24, - Explore Betty Wickline Bonds's board "Kitchen Island Update", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about home kitchens. Kitchen Island Makeover Idea #2: Paint the kitchen island base. Painting the base of your island is such a great way to refresh the kitchen. Its a small space, so it doesn't take nearly as long as doing your whole kitchen. Plus, that two tone look is really in right now!